Wishtrend Affiliate Program Guide

Hello everyone. We hope that you’re having a great start of the month.

As a company, we believe that you all deserve a treat for your customs and for continuing to use our services. We are here to introduce you to beauty brands that will suit your needs and become a solution to any skin problems. But most of all, we are here to give a little something back and our affiliate program, where you can earn between 4-10% commission, is our way of doing so.

Becoming a part of Wishtrend Affiliate Program is as easy as 1-2-3. As noted, we welcome our global customers (both bloggers and non-bloggers) to make the most of this partnership.

Simply fill in the required details here.

And once done, you will see your own personalized affiliate link (or your referral code), which you can share on your blog or social networks.

Wishtrend Affiliate Guide


This guide is to help every affiliate to feel comfortable with the system, so we’ve addressed on the frequently asked questions for new starters.

1. What is a referral link?

Your referral link is your own personalized link that will track any clicks and purchases via this link. This is an effective way to track your commission earned per purchase.

2. How to make an affiliate link or referral link?

Just by signing up. All you need is own referral code. And the system will do the rest.

Example) wishlistbeauty (A referral code)
This is how it would look on the top of your affiliate page:
This is your own referral ID, which you can attach to any product code on our website.

How to add your referral ID:

3. How does the payout works?

We pay through Paypal, the fastest and easiest way to do this transaction. Every campaign will have a set of commission that you can earn, ranging from 4% to 10%. The minimum payout is $50 and will automatically get paid to your account and deposits will be made every Friday.

The good news is, self-purchases will also be counted so you’ll earn commission if you shop!

4. How to promote Wishtrend products?

The most convenient way to do so is via your blog or website and/or social channels if you’re a non-blogger. Email newsletters would also work. Engaging in forums you frequent to (just no spamming) or even sites where consumers share updates on ongoing sales or discounts, can be very beneficial.

When promoting on your blog you can do a few things:
through a product review, first impression, themed post (doesn’t have to be a review), a wishlist or simply sharing new products or current Beauty Steals.

5. Banners

We’ve got you covered. There are banners in different sizes that you can use – all you need is copy and paste the link to your widget area or include it in your post.

Banner image example:

Wishtrend Affiliate Ad

6. Campaigns

Our campaign section will be updated on a weekly basis and per campaign/event runs for a limited period of time, so please do check this section on your Dashboard to make sure that you don’t miss any.

7. Other partnership opportunities

If you are a blogger, a YouTuber or a marketing staff of other website, And if you have any other ideas for making a partnership with us, feel free to email marketing (at) wishcompany (dot) net – We are open to various kinds of partnership and collaboration opportunities.

8. Other affiliate special incentives

Soon enough, we will start to introduce exclusive monthly contest, cashback events and rewards based on monthly performance. Please stay tuned on this.

For any further queries or if you are experiencing any issues on HTML codes or unable to put up the banners on your blog, please email sweetjb (at) wishcompany (dot) net – (Donah, Affiliate Consultant).

Thank you and good luck!

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