Winter Korean Beauty Trends 2015

Winter Korean Beauty Trends 2015

With winter soon approaching, it would be a good idea to go on a shopping spree earlier before it gets too cold for some of you! Now, do not go out without knowing what the winter Korean beauty trends are because it will definitely help to have a certain product or style in mind. Here are a few makeup and skincare examples for winter Korean beauty trends 2015.

Makeup Trends

Winter Korean Beauty Trends 2015

1. Burgundy Lips

Following previous years, the trend and popularity of burgundy lips will continue for this upcoming season. Although nude lip colors are also in high demand, burgundy lips gives the vivid color much needed for the winter. Depending on what you wear, the lip color can add onto and reflect the sexy, cute, classy or elegant look that you are going for. Since both glossy and matte lipsticks are available, you can change and style your lips accordingly.

2. Neutral Makeup

The neutral face makeup does contradict the earlier trend of wearing burgundy lips, but it is indeed one of the winter Korean beauty trends. In order to achieve this look, you would put on less foundation and other facial products but rather place more emphasis on using a highlighter to naturally focus on achieving dewy skin. To add onto the look, you would use a bronzer that is one shade darker than your skin tone or a caramel color to emphasize your cheekbones. In addition, concealer serves as an essential in the natural face makeup for it is the magic product that naturally covers up blemishes and dark circles. Many people not only use it to splotch it over pimples but also swatches it under the eyes to both cover and brighten the eye area, thus, investing in such products with high coverage is another beneficial tip!

Winter Korean Beauty Trends 2015

Skincare Trends

Winter Korean Beauty Trends 2015

1. Facial Cream

The fall trend of using facial cream rolls through the next season as well. Soothing cream is actually used by all ages and genders because of its main benefit of comforting and calming irritated, red, dry skin. As the weather gets colder and the sharp wind hits your face, it is vital to use soothing cream to promote healthy and glowing skin!

2. Toner

Always an important aspect of a skincare routine, one of the winter Korean beauty trends highly recommends one use toners. Toners serve the purpose of removing excess dirt and sebum form the skin while also helping the skin to avoid skin irritation by closing pores. With dedicated use, one can see and feel a difference in the number of pores. In order to achieve dewy skin, invest your money in toners to help emphasize dewy skin.

Nail Colors

Winter Korean Beauty Trends 2015

The winter Korean trend on nail colors is similar to the colors models were waring during the 2015/2016 Fashion week. The three most popular color hues that are in for this season are blue (on the darker side), nude (to match the neutral face makeup) and grey (lots and lots of shades)!

This concludes the short yet packed winter Korean beauty trends that you should be looking out for in a few months! Make sure to layer up for the cold but do not also forget to focus on keeping up with the makeup, skincare and nail polish trends!


Winter Korean Beauty Trends 2015

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