Wigs for Women is 2016 Biggest Hair Trend

Wigs for Women is 2016 Biggest Hair Trend

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Today we discuss a really interesting topic which draws our attention to one of 2016’s craziest trend on Instagram and which focuses on hair wigs for women and some of the latest hair styles which are making headlines this year. The article will also draw your attention to some really interesting hair care products and steps and methods you can take upon to ensure you have desirable and healthy hair.

A Courageous Trend:

For Women with an abundance of courage, a wig is the ideal accessory which can help you frame your face towards the desired look or hair style you have perceived in your mind. The best part of a wig is it gives you the ability to try a hairstyle without committing to it, in the form of a haircut or colour. So for all you bold ladies who are trying to be versatile and innovative with the style of your hair, a wig can offer you a sneak peek into a number of options of hairstyles best suited to your facial structure.

Wigs for Women – The 2016 Trend (Celebrities & Instagramers)

Wigs for Women is 2016 Biggest Hair Trend

Style Trend – Kate Middelton’s Bouncy Hair:

The Kate Middelton look was the most talked about look for the beginning of the 2016 year. The best part of the look is for natural hair / locks it is very easy to maintain with just a simple blow dryer can have it set up with absolute ease, alternatively if you want an off the shelf option, you could choose to pick a pre-styles wig with the same looks.

Style Trend – The Jessica Alba Side Braid:

Another much supported style in terms of wigs for women was the Jessica Alba Side Braid. This is sporty, Simple and stylish and blends very well to enhance the combination of innocence and good looks.

Style Trend – The Emma Roberts Wavy Do:

For Ladies who have long hair or want to sport a short wavy hair style, choose to opt for the Emma Roberts Wavy Do styled wig. As short hair is naturally known to suit every face a slight tinge of the wavy effect can do wonders towards up your appearance.

Style Trend – Loose Curls like Cara Delevingne:

The most preferred and classic hair style is the traditional long flowing hair with immense curls. This is a style that every woman wants or once wanted. Therefore if you need to grace yourself with those seditious long curls then the Cara Delevingne wig is what you are looking for.

Wig Trend – Bold Colours & Length Like Kylie Jenner:

Wigs for Women is 2016 Biggest Hair Trend

Kylie Jenner has been the one on Instagram and in the tabloids to make fashion wigs the biggest craze. Sporting vibrant colours such as her teal blonde, Kylie has introduced the fun world of fashion wigs to Instagramers around the globe.

Wig trend – Youtuber Crisspy with Bouncy Bob Wigs:

Wigs for Women is 2016 Biggest Hair Trend

The famous Youtuber Crispy has been known to sport her voluminous, bouncy and boldly coloured wigs since late 2014. Showing the world that certain wigs can change your look for a more fun and glamorous vibe.

Types of Wigs:

Synthetic Wigs:

These are wigs made of fiber and come in an array of styles. The best part of this wig is, the hair is soft and feels just like natural hair (although it is made from synthetics).

Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs:

Heat friendly synthetic wigs come in a new category of synthetics, the only advantage of this material is the fact that it is more fuller and you also have an option of self styling because the product is heat friendly.

Human Hair (Natural Wigs):

Natural Human Hair wigs are soft styled and made from Human Hair as the name suggests. You can choose to style it in a number of options and the key advantage of the product is that it is absolutely natural.

A Blended Wig:

This is a mixture of hair and fiber and is ideally suited to a soft blunt cut. This wig is ideally suited to people with long oval faces.

A Hair Piece:

This is a piece of synthetic hair which is used by some ladies to add volume to the top of the scalp to making it look fuller.

For People who don’t Prefer Wigs:

Now for ladies who don’t choose to try wigs and believe in trying different hair styles on their own extensions, we recommend taking good care of your hair and providing your hair with the adequate amount of nourishment which is required for it to retain nutrition and health.

Here are some products we recommend:

Klairs Hauso Healthy Shampoo Soap:(discontinued)

Wigs for Women is 2016 Biggest Hair Trend

The Klairs Hauso Healthy Shampoo Soap(discontinued) contains laurel tree oil and concentrated essence of wilfordi root which is ideally suited for hair care and hair loss treatment. The product is absolutely safe and is recommended for people who have scalp trouble and dandruff related issues. The soap is naturally formulated and is derived from a non-silicon formulation.

Hello Everybody Biotin Treatment:

Wigs for Women is 2016 Biggest Hair Trend

The product is rich in Biotin which is vital towards nourishing and replenishing your hair with the required amount of protein it requires to remain healthy. The product contains organic oils which hydrate your hair and eliminated dryness to bring a natural shine hair. The [HelloEverybody] Biotin Treatment is ideally suited for people who are looking for protein vitalization and rich nourishment for dry hair.


So Lovely Ladies I would like to sign off by wishing you all the best with the style of hair you choose to adopt. Wigs for Women have come a long way since they were initially introduced. If you are longing to try a particular hair style but don’t have the courage to have a hair cut for the same, you now know you can try it with a wig.

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Wigs for Women is 2016 Biggest Hair Trend

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