The old and all-time favorite, why you should use OST Vitamin C Serum!

OST Vitamin C Serum | One of the safest and most effective nutrients

Hi Wish fans! This is Apper and today I would like to discuss about the wonders of VITAMIN C! 

All of us know that Vitamin C is vital in building up our immune system and helps our bodies to ward off ailments such as cold and flu. Oranges, strawberries and limes are just a few examples that are rich in Vitamin C.


But do you know that Vitamin C is a very important element in skincare too? That is why vitamin C is getting a lot of attention as being nothing short of miraculous. Many international brands (such as Khiel’s, Sisley and Vichy) have come up with their own Vitamin C based products. And over at , you will be about to purchase the much raved about productI would like to use the 5Ws to explain to you how the OST Vitamin will be beneficial to you! ^^

OST | Vitamin C Serum Photo Image

What is OST Vitamin C Serum??

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is a natural skin rejuvenating product used in a variety of skin care products. It is one of the few ingredients that has been scientifically tested and proven to play a significant role in collagen production. It helps reduce wrinkles and improve the overall look and health of skin. Vitamin C is essential in the skin’s natural production of collagen and is a proven antioxidant.

The OST Pure Vitamin C20 serum contains 20% L-ascorbic acid with natural antioxidants to help prevent premature signs of again. It protects, softens and moisturize your skin too!

OST vitamin C serum's benefits for your skin

And just in case you do not know, the OST Vitamin C Serum is the best selling item at Qoo10(Beauty and Sports Category) in 2012!!

OST vitamin C Serum prize on Qoo10

WHO should use the OST Vitamin C Serum?

  • People who have uneven and dull skin tone and want to have a radiant complexion.
  • People with acne scars
  • People with redness and dark spots on their skin.
  • Suits all skin type

HOW and WHEN to use the OST Vitamin C Serum?

You may apply the OST vitamin c serum after toner and before moisturizer. Inside the box, you will find a dropper separately from the bottle to remain the freshness and to prevent oxidation of the Vitamin C. Using the dropper, use about 2 to 3 drops and pat the serum on your face (avoiding the eyes area).

It is recommended to store the serum in the fridge. Leaving in the open air/normal room temperature will cause it to oxidize even faster.

OST representative image | Vitamin C serum

I would recommend using this product twice a day. Once in the morning and another time before sleep. Try not to skip the product at night as our skin cells really restore and regenerate during bed time! ^^

Where can you get hold of the OST Vitamin C Serum?

Exclusively at, you may get hold of this marvelous product at just a mere USD24.99! Affordable and you dont have to burn a hole in the pocket! Wishtrend ships worldwide so you can buy it no matter where you are! ^^ And if you order at the first time on Wishtrend, you will get the worldwide free shipping service now. 

Stay tune for more great product updates!

Love, Apper

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