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It’s been a long time, hope all of you are doing great and have had an exceptional New Years.

Today we have a very interesting topic coming your way and it involves the process of facial shaving for women. Now when we talk of facial shaving we literally don’t mean shaving the way gents do but instead the term would be better described as dermaplaning.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe method which is closely associated with exfoliation. It is the outer layer of the skin which we refer to as the epidermis which is actually scalped out in this process. Facial hair which grows out of the skin also gets cleared with this very easily, giving you a clean and clear appearance. The process of dermaplaning involves the use of a scalpel and it is only recommended that you don’t do it by yourself and take professional assistance instead. The very process is very similar to a shave but the only difference being the target (outer facial skin) and not making use of a shave foam or get. For men it is just the hair, alternatively for ladies it is the outer skin and the hair. Another difference being that Dermaplaning is done using a single blade scalpel in which the professional would make use calculated upwards cleaning procedure to exfoliate the dead skin, alternatively with Men’s shaving the blade is made to slide downwards to simply trim hair growth.

So ladies are you now ready to experience your first every shave

Why Face Shaving or Dermaplaning for Ladies?

The process of Dermaplaning is painless and is known to work wonders to display flawless and clear skin. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe have used this methodology very effectively to make their skin look radiant and young. Honestly not many can argue that Monroe had an exceptionally mesmerizing appearance but the bigger secret was the use of a procedure of Dermaplaning or what we can simply refer to as Face Shaving.

Key Advantages:

  • Reverses signs of Ageing
  • Very effective Exfoliating therapy
  • Excellent to remove the effects of ACNE
  • Removes body hair with ease
  • Does not make hair growth thick like with shaving in men
  • It is a painless process
  • Helps even up skin texture

Like every bit of information we post, we have a couple of products which are closely associated with the process and can prove to be a worthy addition after the process of Face Shaving for Women.

Klairs Charcoal Soap + I’M FROM Honey Mask

The Klairs Charcoal Soap is an excellent product which helps with the process of skin exfoliation. The product has been specially crafted by Master Craftsmen and is made from all natural ingredients containing ingredients such as charcoal and sugar. The charcoal within the soap helps in eliminating dead skin at the same time the sugar helps to sooth and relax the skin. Another very special ingredient which the product contains is Moroccan Ghassoul which helps extract sebum from within skin pores and make the pores appear clean, rejuvenated and the skin elastic.

The Ideal Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Routine

Next we have what is called the I’M Honey Mask, this is a very special product as it contains 38.7% Real Honey inside, which is sourced directly from Jirisan Ridge’s in South Korea. This facial mask is again an all natural product and it directly delivers a huge pack of nutrition sourced directly from Nature to your skin. The product is known to work wonders towards adding an unmatched dose of hydration and was votes among the best selling facial masks in terms of its effectiveness and repeat usage.



The above mentioned products are absolutely natural in their composition and are certified for their quality, effectiveness and safety. Another excellent feature of the above products is that they can be used on all types of skin, even the most sensitive of skin types.


Would like to warn and Caution you lovely Ladies again to please not try this at home, if you are not a certified professionally for the process of Dermaplaning. Again as this process makes use of a sharp object and involves you stroking your skin upwards, you would accidently cut your skin and can cause you more harm rather than any good, if it goes wrong.


So Ladies Wish you all the best with this New Year 2017 and let’s hope the above article and the process of Dermaplaning can help you to achieve the Flawless, Radiant and Youthful facial skin you have always wanted.

Wishing you with Lots of Youth and Happiness this New Year 2017

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