White and Gold Glitter Nail Polish

White and glod nail polish

White and Gold Glitter Nail Polish

Modi nail, White and gold glitter nail polish on my hands and new smart phone case for Galaxy 3

So… I bought this new cell phone case(which I fell in love at the first sight) for my Galaxy 3, and wanted to match up my nails to it. The product that I used for this nail was [L’cret]-Muliti Coat, [It’s Skin]-WH101, [Modi]-Glam nails and [L’cret]-Power Quick Dry Dropper at the end to finish them. There are all same brand that very famouse in korea

  • Get your nails ready by applying multicoat to protect nails. ([L’cret]-Muliti Coat)
  • Spread out the nail coat with pearly texture.([It’s Skin]-WH101)
  • When you put on Modi’s glam nail once, it looks like this. ([Modi]-Glam nails)
  • Keep re-applying the nail polish until the glitters are evenly spread out to cover the nail surface.

Tah-dah!! White & Gold nails Nicely Done XD

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