Hi loves! It’s Bronwyn from BiiBiiBeauty here again today to talk not only about skincare, but also about mental health and how it can play a huge role not only on our state of mind, but also out bodies and skin! When it comes to the health of your body’s and skin, we usually link our concerns to diet, fitness and hygiene, however these are not the only common factors that play a part in our outward appearance. If you are feeling stressed out on a regular basis, then the affects of that on the body and skin can be quite significant!


Not sure if you are stressed or not? It actually can be hard to tell! Everyone reacts differently to stress. In some people, it is easy to tell they are stressed as they can be emotionally unstable with random and uncontrolled lashing out, emotional break downs and more. While in some other cases, stress can be apparently when someone is unusually suffering from sleep insomnia, stomachaches and even headaches. Not only that, stress can even be so severe on the body that is can even make those suffering from high levels of stress fall ill regularly. It can even result in steady or rapid weight gain and weight loss, hair loss, and acne.


The affects of stress on ones mental state and body can be mild to severe. However it can always play a big role on how our skin texture and appearance is. If you are feeling stressed and starting to notice a change in your skin condition, then its best to take action. When the affects of stress start to appear on our outward appearance, it can add additional stresses to our lives. If work or school has you feeling stress, then your skin start to break out, of course we can’t help but feel stressed about our skins appearance.

What Is Stress on Skin & Common Signs

  • Dull complexion
  • Tired appearance
  • Dark circles
  • Fine lines
  • Acne (mostly around chin & jawline)

So what can we do?

1. Find The Cause Of Your Stress

It’s one thing to know you’re stress, but it is another to know what it is in your life that is causing you to be so stressed out. Finding the cause of your stress is the first step in the right direction to recovery. Take a look at your daily and weekly life and try to pinpoint the times in each day that you felt emotionally unstable or weak as these most likely are linked to the things or events that cause your stress.

2. Look for a solution

Hopefully you now know what is causing your stresses, it’s time to plan a way to resolve your stress. If your stresses are work related, find a way to make work easier for yourself with better time management or discussing ways to make work easier with your coworkers. The same actions can be added to school life. If you are financially stressed, then it is time to find a away to earn more income to reduce your money stresses.

If you have already done your best to reduce your stress, but are still feeling the effects on your body and seeing the affects of stress on your skin, then try the next step.

3. Partake in physical activity

If you have done everything you can to improve your stress but feel unsuccessful, then try taking up a form of physical activity. When it comes down to “what is stress” it really is all about the hormones that form with stress. Stress hormones can build up over times, which cause pimples on the skin around the mouth and jaw line areas. Doing regular physical activity helps fight against unwanted stress hormones in the body, helping to relieve stress and prevent stress acne!

4. Skincare for stressed out skin

When it comes down to it, stress can make the skin sage, look discoloured and even cause acne pimples. Over time, reducing your stress can heal the skin, but it doesn’t hurt to start using proper skincare to help the skin recover from life stresses. Use skincare products that are designed to brighten the skin, firm the skin, add nutrition to the skin and fight against pimples. Adding these types of products to your skincare routine till help you look healthy and full of life again, even if life is still stressful!

TRY: Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin Drop Serum (Brightening & Antioxidants), ZYMOGEN Ferment Houttuynia Cordata Extract Lotion (Nutrition & Acne Fighting), I’M From Vitamin Tree Water Gel (Detoxifying & Illuminating), Skinmiso Pore Zero Night Cream (Night Firming Cream & Acne Fighting)

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