pH 101: What is pH & How it Affects The Skin


If you have taken any type of Chemistry course, then you might already have a general understanding of what pH is. Just like in chemistry, pH has the same principle with our skin as it determines the level of acidity or alkalinity of our skins state. As humans made mostly of water, we, in turn, want our skin to have a closely matches the pH level of water, at a neutral 7. If your skin’s pH is higher or lower (lower being more acidic and higher being more alkaline) it can then determine what your general skin type is or the concerns you may have for your skin.

What is pH: Acidic Skin

Is your skin constantly oily? If yes, then you most likely have acidic skin. If the skin is acidic with a lower pH level, then your number on the pH scale for your skin would be below that of a neutral 7. Skin with a lower pH level can become oily when it naturally is trying to balance the oil levels out within your skin to naturally regulate the pH level. However, this can be an endless battle for the skin. In this case, you should be looking to regulate your skins pH level by using pH neutral skincare, adding hydration to the skin and drinking lemon water to help balance out your body’s internal pH level. Lemon water helps to build up alkalinity in the skin, lifting your pH level from a low acidic to a neutral state in time.

What is pH: Alkaline Skin

Is your skin constantly dry? If yes then you most likely have alkaline skin. In this case, your skin’s pH number would be higher than a neutral 7. When this occurs, the skin tends to become dry and lacking in natural oils. It is important to treat dry alkaline skin types with gentle care as these skin types tend to be more sensitive and delicate compared to oily acidic skin types. Using a pH neutral cleanser and skincare routine is a great way to stabilize the skin’s pH level. Aside from skincare, consider drinking more water and foods that contain healthy fats such as salmon, nuts, and avocados.

How to Manage the skin’s pH level

Of course, the right diet case significantly influences your bodies pH level to a neutral state. However, the proper care on the outside is very important to jump start your skin’s pH level regulation. Using a pH neutral cleanser is a great start as cleansers can be the biggest culprits that can drastically disrupt our skins external pH level. When shopping for facial cleansers, always be sure to look and see if the product is pH neutral.

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