What is Multi Masking & How to do it

What is Multi Masking & How to do it

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What is Multi Masking?

Today we have a lovely article coming up for you; this article focuses on multi masking. As we know multi masking is a process of using different types of masks on ones face. The use of different types of facial masks helps to add nutrition to the facial skin, depending directly on the skins requirement. A lot of ladies typically like to use different facial masks at a different point of time. For Example a mask dedicated for the morning and another one for before bed time. However the process of multi masking involves using several masking treatment products simultaneously or at one time.

Why Choose Multi Masking?

As we know an individual can face multiple skin conditions on just one face, this is medically referred to as a combination skin type. For example black heads or white heads on the nose and surrounding areas and dryness on other parts of the face. Therefore the use of an exfoliating mask around the nose area and a hydrating mask around the dry skin affecting parts of the face; would ideally be the requirement. Likewise if some ladies see premature effects of ageing around the eyes, therefore targeting the area around the eyes with an anti ageing mask or a product that increases skin elasticity would be the solution. For this very same reason we see a number of ladies now shifting to multi masking as their answer to tackle multiple skin conditions.

The primary feature of a multi masking therapy is giving your face what it requires. Using a uniform mask all over the face might not cause any harm, in fact the end result would only sum up to skin improvement but at the same time targeting different skin conditions with the right remedy simultaneously would only do wonders in improving overall skin radiance.

How to use Multi Masking?

Firstly, identify the different parts of the face which need to be worked on and then find the product ideally suited to treat the skin condition.

Cheek Area:

The area around the cheek is generally covered with dark and dry spots. Therefore a hydrating mask would be ideally suited to restore the skin with moisture and nourishment.

Nose and Forehead – Otherwise referred to as the T-Zone:

This is an area of the face which is prone to get more oily thus leading to the formation of black or whiteheads.  Therefore an exfoliating mask or a deep pore cleansing mask which can pull out all the sebum (would be the one that should ideally be considered for this area).

Beneath the Eyes:

The skin beneath the eyes as we know is very soft and tender. Therefore using a heavy product can do more damage than any good. Choosing a natural product which adds moisture to the skin (beneath the eyes) should be the right option to get rid of dryness. Some people experience pre-mature ageing, in which wrinkles begin to form beneath the eyes. Therefore one should use a product which nourishes the skin and improves skin elasticity. Finally as mentioned the area around the eyes is very sensitive, thus using a natural product or one that is meant for sensitive skin (should be considered).

Chin Area:

The chin area as we know can come up with its own set of problems. The chin can at times appear very dry and covered with scales. Alternatively it can even harbor small bumps when riddled with excess oil generation (depending on the season). Therefore application of a cleansing or purification mask to the chin should be taken upon, once the skin condition is determined.

As I have mentioned time and again, every individual should only use products that are safe and certified. Today we recommend this Wish Box, this is an exclusive kit of facial masks. The products which form a part of the kit are among the best selling Korean Skin Care Products.

Our Recommendation – Multi Masking Box Set:

The Wish Box comprises of four masking products and it comes along with a silicon brush which facilitates easy application.

I’M From Honey Mask:

What is Multi Masking & How to do it

The I’M From Honey Mask is made out of pure and natural ingredients. The Mask is made up of 38.7% Honey and is ideally suited to hydrate and nourish dry skin. Its application is suited to cover the areas of the cheeks and forehead. Finally as the mask is made out of natural ingredients, it is also ideally suited for application on the sensitive skin beneath the eyes.

Green Mon Fresh Mask:

What is Multi Masking & How to do it

The Green Mon Fresh Mask is a rich source of Vitamin A and is made from Korean mugwort, Red bean powder and Natural Honey. The mask helps enhance the skins resistance to fight bacteria and is ideally suited for application on the cheeks. If you are suffering from redness, blemishes or the initial effects of ACNE, this Green Mon Fresh Mask is what you are looking for.

Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask:

What is Multi Masking & How to do it

This mask is ideally suited for application on the T-Zone. The product contains 6700mg of Volcanic Ash sourced from the Jeju Islands. The ingredients in the mask penetrate deep within the skin pores to remove excess sebum and provide a cooling sensation to facial skin. The use of this product controls the excess accumulation of oil and provides the skin with the required healthy nourishment and hydration.

23 Years Old Black Paint Rubar:

What is Multi Masking & How to do it

This is an excellent product which is only suited to remove both blackheads and whiteheads. Therefore its application is meant for just the nose and the chin. The Black Paint Rubar is a natural product which is derived from charcoal and it can effectively remove impurities from skin pores in as less as 30 seconds.


So ladies the above four products and the silicon brush together combine to form this wonderful multi masking Wish Box. It is the combined use of these products to different parts of the face that can be classified as multi masking.

Ladies waste no time in looking like the Enchantress you really are.


What is Multi Masking & How to do it


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