What is CC Cream?

What is cc cream

What is the difference between CC cream and best BB cream?

The meaning of the CC Cream is a little bit different by manufacturers. Such as Color Change, Complete Coverage or Color Correction. Even though the meaning is slightly different, it pretty much aims the same thing, 100% Natural and healthy looks. The CC Cream invented from Korean cosmetic market, the hot place for all the cosmetic products. If you are interested about dewy skin, I’m sure you already heard about CC Cream. It is a perfect reinvention of BB cream.

Even if the BB cream suppose to perform a natural look, sometimes it is difficult to achieve ‘no make up but beautiful‘ result for certain skin types.

  • ACNE
  • Sensitive skin
  • For Male

Good news is CC Cream can be used for almost every skin type and for male who looking for alternatives for BB cream. It feels much lighter than BB cream. Both products are perfect for natural make up. It is worth to try both by occasion.

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Review on Different Korean CC Creams.

  • Rivecowe CC Cream : It has slightly darker tone than the others and has the most natural coverage of all three. The color changes the most dramatically and contains eco-friendly ingredient. If you want to check out the product, visit Wishtrend.
  • Missha CC Cream : Comes out with unique looking container, the tone is brightest of all. When you first apply it, it may feel a little oily.
  • ELISHACOY Always Nuddy CC Cream : It has natural tone and the container is in the best form but the coverage is the least of all. It is not so oily and finish off with matt texture.

Why the CC Cream?

The reason why CC Cream first came to the market was that people starting to realize weakness of BB cream. When it comes to natural skin makeup, layering up the minimum amount of base makeup is the key point. BB Cream made it happened by containing sun protection, makeup base and coverage function. But since it needs to cover up many aspects, as time went by some of the spot started to appear as darkening in the area. However, CC cream is the lighter version of BB cream with even more natural coverage. And that’s the reason why CC cream was huge hit ever since last year in Korea.

How does CC Cream can improve your natural make up.

The main feature about CC cream is that its color changes as the product is being rubbed to the skin. This feature may different from company to company but it is one of the key factors about the CC Cream. As the encapsulated sphere bursts, it naturally fits into the skin tone and as the result; you can see the dewy natural skin tone. Many Korean celebrities, such as K-pop idols are known as being fan of CC cream as well.

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