Your Ultimate Guide to Botox

Your Ultimate Guide to Botox

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Today we are going to discuss the common question, what is botox and the advantages this procedure has towards hiding wrinkles and signs of ageing. The fact is, Botox is a simple procedure in which a Cosmetic Liquid Element in gel form is injected within the skin to get rid of wrinkles.

So, What is Botox?

What is Botox? Botox is a cosmetic procedure in which an ageing muscle is treated. The procedure involves temporarily paralyzing the muscle and during the process, that muscle is injected with a chemical substance to get rid of wrinkles. The injectable chemical is also referred to as Onabotulinumtoxina, which safely blocks the nerve activity to the targeted muscle, thus naturally reducing muscle activity which is causing the wrinkle formation.

Why use Botox? Medical & Aesthetic Benefits

Your Ultimate Guide to Botox

As to shed more light on the question: what is Botox? Let’s look into is common uses. Many know of Botox from movies and TV shows where characters who have done the procedure have shown themselves on screen with a face deprived of movement(which of course, is an extreme dramatization of what Botox actually does). However Botox indeed is most commonly used by older women who are experiencing their first signs of aging and are looking to remove new wrinkles around the forehead, between the brows and crows feet.

Yet, Botox is used for many more things and medical benefits aside from removing early wrinkles.

Medical Benefits:

  • People suffering from severe muscle pains or spasms often resort to the use of Botox. Medical terminology defines Botox as the treatment to Cervical Dystonia. If you are suffering from muscle pains or stiffness in the limbs, ankles, toes, spinal cord, wrist or any other muscular part of the body, then injecting Botox or resorting to a Botox therapy could release the pain and rid the individual of stress.
  • People having issues with their eye in terms of a spasm on the eye muscle or uncontrolled blinking can also be effectively treated with the help Botox.

Aesthetic Benefits:

Your Ultimate Guide to Botox

  • Botox is often recommend to those by their dentists for tension of the TMJ muscles(jaw muscles), which cause individuals to suffer from teeth grinding, uncontrollable clenching of the jaw and even for relief from tension headaches. There also is an aesthetic benefit to Botox for the TMJ(jaw muscles), which is that it createS a jaw contouring & slimming effect. Botox along the jaw is not always done for medical reasons but also for aesthetic purposed for a slimmer looking face.
  • Finally people who want to look young and are suffering from muscles shrinking with age or premature ageing now resort to the cosmetic application of Botox to inflate the muscle and reduce its activity in the form of a temporary induced paralysis (only of the injected muscle), to prevent it from shrinking again.

What is the Difference between Botox and Fillers?

  • The use of Botox is recommended for Dynamic(shallow) Wrinkles in comparison to Fillers which is recommended for static(deep) wrinkles.
  • The use of Botox Reduces Movement in the Injected muscle which is not the case with fillers.
  • Fillers are directly injected into the skin to fill wrinkles which is its main purpose of activity, alternatively a Botox therapy has no such action on the wrinkles.
  • While Botox works towards reducing fine lines on the skin surface & remove volume, fillers are ideally suited to enhance the volume of the skin.
  • Both procedures are ideally suited to different parts of the body. While Botox is more recommended for eyebrows, forehead, mouth and fine lines. Fillers are recommended for the chin, cheek, lips and and other areas you want to add volume to.
  • Botox is used as a pain suppressant, while fillers are just not recommended for the same.
  • Once injected, Botox takes a week to settle down and results can be seen in 2 weeks, its effects last for 4-6 months. On the other hand, once injected the duration of the effect of fillers can last from 6 months to 1 years. However duration also depends entirely on the product which has been used as the filler.
  • Botox is a Onabotulinumtoxina substance, while Fillers are a Hyaluronic Acid substance.

With all the Differences, many Cosmetic Surgeons have also found a way to have both these therapies complement each other. Of course, it is always recommended to use any of the above therapies or both therapies together only on the recommendation of your Cosmetic Surgeon, Dermatologist etc. All I can say is you have age related issues, then instead of going in for a facelift an individual could easily opt to choose the more safer and quicker combination of both the Botox and Fillers therapy to achieve their desired results.

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An Alternative Recommendation:

Just like the above cosmetic procedures, we recommend you the usage of some very skin friendly products, which are ideally suited to make your skin look young. Constant care and nurture towards ones skin can keep effects of age at an arm’s length. This is the very same reason why I always advise all you Lovely Ladies to adopt a daily skin care regime. The best part of the products we are going to recommend is the fact that they have been specifically formulated to reduce the formation of wrinkles, thus keeping premature ageing in check.

Products we recommend:

Chica Y Chico Retinolin 3.0:

Your Ultimate Guide to Botox

This product the Chica Y Chico contains 3% Retino Q which functions as an ideal solution to wrinkle care and improvement. This product is known to have proven results towards filling deep Nasolabial Lines, Tightening Sensitive Wrinkles around the eyes and taking care of visible Wrinkles around the chin, face and neck. In addition to caring for existing wrinkles the ointment prevents the formation of wrinkles in the future, thus this product is very highly recommended. The use of the product has exceptional results as a night cream, if you are looking to rejuvenate skin with exceptional results the use of the Retinolin 3.0 cream is an excellent option during bed time application. This product is recommended for people looking to provide Intensive Care for Skin, Strengthening Skin Barriers, Increasing Skin Elasticity, Making Skin Tone Even, Caring for Wrinkles and Smoothening Skin Texture.

Elishacoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream:

Your Ultimate Guide to Botox

The Elishacoy Skin Repair Snail Cream as the name suggests is a product which is made from or contains Snail Slime. Snail Slime is naturally known to nourish skin with and is found in a number of skin care products. What sets this product apart is the fact that it contains 91% Snail Slime. The use of this cream is ideally recommended for skin cell regeneration and providing the right amount of moisturization and nourishment to the facial skin. This product provides unmatched recovery of damaged or ageing skin naturally. If you are looking to repair Dead, Dry or Wrinkled Skin then this product from Elishacoy fits the bill in every aspect of age reversing. This product is recommended for people looking to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Repair Damaged and Dry Skin, People looking to add Firmness and Volume to Skin and for People who are looking to Visit the Dermatologist for an opinion on a Botox Therapy .


Hope the above article helps you understand the Botox Therapy better. A lot of people resort to Botox to hide the effects of age. However if you believe in skincare and resort to a Daily Skin Care Routine, the use of anti-ageing skin care products can keep the effects of age at bay and the formation of wrinkles in check. Thus making you look young and rejuvenated all the time.


Your Ultimate Guide to Botox


  • [CHICA Y CHICO]Retinolin 3.0USD29.90
  • [ELISHACOY](END/160822) Skin Repairing Snail CreamUSD42.80 -> USD23.54
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