If your mom was anything like mine, you probably heard that chocolate was the cause of any and every pimple that you got as a teenager. Even now, the beauty myth that chocolate causes acne still persists.

So today we’re going to look a little closer at acne and your diet to try to answer the burning questions: What cause pimples? Does Chocolate Causes Pimples? Am I not Washing My Face Enough?

What Causes Pimples?

Before we can talk about whether or not chocolate specifically is causing your breakouts, first we need to talk about all of the other things you have to consider when trying to figure out the root of your problem. A lot of times there are multiple factors working together to cause those angry red spots on your face.

First, acne isn’t just something that goes away with adulthood. For some people, acne crops up as late as middle age. For most of us though, it’s just a continuation of those teenage years. Unfortunately, the tricks we might have used as teenagers won’t get us through our adult breakouts, which means we have to learn a little bit more about how to treat and prevent more pimples.

There are a lot of contributing factors to the quality of your skin. Issues like large pores, overactive oil glands, poor skincare habits, hormone fluctuations and even just your genetics can play a role in how much and how often you break out.

Our skin is wonderful, but it’s also pretty picky. Even if you don’t have skin that’s labeled as sensitive, it’s important to still treat it well. One of the best ways to treat your skin with care is to pay attention to your diet.

How Diet Affects Your Skin

While other factors like genetics and sebum production contribute much more to your pimples, your diet can impact your skin positively or negatively.

One example of how your diet can affect your skin is how much water you drink. Water is an essential part of staying healthy, and not drinking enough can make your skin look dull and feel papery. Another way your diet can affect the quality of your skin is the amount of sugars and fats that you consume.

Not everyone is affected the same way, but eating a lot of sugary or overly-processed foods can kick your oil glands into overdrive. Too much sticky sebum can clog your pores and cause breakouts. This can include chocolate.

So, does chocolate cause pimples? The short answer is no. It can contribute to breakouts for some people, but eating that extra bit of chocolate every now and then definitely won’t ruin your skin (even if your mom insists otherwise!).

The Best Way to Treat Existing Pimples

It may take a little bit of time to figure out what it is that’s causing your breakouts, which means that you will need products to help treat the pimples that may still pop up until you can get the breakouts under control. This is why I’m recommending the Pimple Spot Care Kit. The Pimple Spot Care Kit comes complete with the best products to help extract, dry up and heal your pimples while protecting your skin from further breakouts.


The first product is the 23YearsOld Apchuren Acne Care tool, which is a stainless steel extracting tool. It can be really hard to not use your fingers to pop a painful pimple, but even if you wash your hands there is a chance that you will damage your skin and cause the area to get more infected, which means it will take longer to heal. With this tool, you can use the sterile needle side to lance the spot, then flip it over to the loop that will allow you to safely drain it.

Once the spot is drained, you can apply the Enca Acne Drying Pinky Powder as an overnight spot treatment to dry up any residual debris. This powder can also be used on pimples that haven’t come to a head yet to help dry them up before they get more inflamed.

The final product is the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. It contains soothing and protecting ingredients that will reduce inflammation and calm any redness while also creating a barrier between your healing skin and the environment.

The myth that chocolate will cause pimples is just that: a myth. There are lots of things that can cause your acne, but that chocolate bar you’re craving isn’t one of them so go ahead and eat it without feeling guilty!



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