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Today we are going to present you with a very special bit of information on how to maintain healthy and hygienic skin. Not many of us would know of a term called “peptide”, what are peptides? Peptide is a substance which is found naturally within the human skin. The responsibility of peptides in human skin is to give it strength and keep it in place. You would actually be surprised to find out that this very substance comprising of Amino Acids is now found in a host of skin care products. A lot of skin care products and therapies circle around peptide based products.

Where do peptides come into play?

Age effects every part of the body, the skin for its part tends to lose fat and develop wrinkles and fine lines. You can feel over the years that while you were younger your akin appeared plump and as you age it loses its elasticity to become thinner and even hangs out. The reason for this drastic shift is the reduction of the body’s ability to retain and produce both collagen and elastin. Elastin for its part adds elasticity to the skin and Collagen adds strength to the human skin to keep it sturdy and in place.

You would still be thinking what are peptides and how do they prove helpful?  Peptides for its part serve as skin proteins and help to stimulate and the growth and regeneration of skin cells.


The above explanation makes us understand what Peptides are and how they can help can help us maintain healthy skin. Honestly speaking peptides is not a magic wand that you may choose to apply one day and expect results over night. In addition to this Peptides alone cannot get you absolutely flawless skin. In order to make the Peptide therapy work you need to include it in a daily skin care routine. You would need to resort to skincare routine which included skin hydration, moisturization and eventually skin restoration. It would only be a dedicated skincare routine combined with a peptide therapy that gets you unimaginable results in terms of overall skincare.

What do Peptides do for your skin?

Replenish Collagen:

As we age Collagen within skin is lost or destroyed and is not replaced. The skin thus tends to lose its originality. As mentioned above a protein based peptide therapy can help replenish collagen externally into the skin.

Delivers the all essential Copper:

Due to the very nature of peptides they have the ability to seep deep within the skin pores. When added with copper, it gives the skin an ability to heal faster. Copper Peptides are known to immensely improve the skin ability to heal, regenerate faster and at the same time produce adequate amounts of collagen.


It is a known fact that the nervous system and nerves of our body work as transmitters and are constantly work in the business of transmission. Neuropeptides block the release of this transmission process, which in the process blocks the process of muscle contraction, thus making skin look fuller and healthier.

So friends, the above explanation is will shed considerable light on what peptides are and what they do to improve the health of our skin and reverse the effects of age.


Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream – 30ml

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The Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream is one of the best selling creams for the Year 2016. This cream is formulated with a mix of six important Peptides and is exactly suited to give your skin with the necessary support mechanism it requires to remain wrinkle free and elastic. This product is suited ideally suited for people suffering with skin irritations and are not able to find solutions over the counter. A special feature of the product is that it is also suited for people suffering from extreme sensitivity. The product is formulated with natural ingredients and gains a natural blue color from ingredients extracted from chamomile.  The usage of this product is known to sooth and calm skin damage and inflammation and at the same time initiate the process of regenerating skin cells.


Wishing you all the very best with your skin care routine. Making use of Peptide based products will only make the process of Anti-ageing better and faster.



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