Wearing Foundation to Cure Acne

Wearing Foundation to Cure Acne Dear Ladies,

Today we are going to discuss how applying makeup is important and at the same time why applying the right makeup is even more important. When we think of makeup, the first thought that comes to one’s mind is that makeup increases the duration of time our skin spends with chemicals, thus it might prove harmful to the skin. However if an argument is to be put forth, the use of a makeup which is gentle and is made of natural ingredients can help you combat the effects of ACNE and other skin conditions, just with a simple skin care makeup routine. The use of makeup can actually form a protective barrier around the skin which prevents the skin pores from getting clogged with micro or the minutest of pollutants (pollutants which cannot be seen with the naked eye) which easily enter skin and cause damage and clog the pores with dirt, resulting in breakouts.

So lets dive into whats important here, which is figuring out how to cure acne while wearing makeup.

Advantages of Using Makeup:

Make up is known to make the skin tone look even. Spots on the skin or skin ailments can be easily hidden under a simple layer of makeup. If statistics state over 70% of women feel more confident at work once they resorted to the application of facial makeup. There is no doubt that an even skin tone can make any individual look fresh and feel more confident during the day.

Skin Friendly Makeup:

Conventional makeup can be very harsh on the skin. Most conventional makeup products contain harmful chemicals and fragrances which can trigger an outbreak of skin rashes and even initiate the initial signs of ACNE. Alternatively, if you are looking for the best foundation for to cure ACNE prone skin or any makeup product it would be highly recommended to choose an organic or natural based product which is free from chemical fragrances, harsh additives and contains minerals which are instead suitable to improve the health of one’s facial skin.

This is why BB creams and BB Cushion products have become the biggest base makeup trend in the past few years. As they branches out from only focusing on coverage and included skincare ingredients to help suit every skin type and concern. Making it possible to treat and cure acne during your busy day.

Prevents Pre-mature Ageing (Protection from the Sun):

Most base makeup generally provides an adequate amount of protection from the sun. The makeup barrier and added SPF prevents UVA and UVB rays of the sun to penetrate the skin. As we know UV rays steal the skin of nutrients the body naturally generates and causes fine lines, skin dis-coloration and skin stretching. The use of skin friendly makeup can provide protection to the skin and at the same time improve its health.

Don’t be Short Sighted:

We always recommend you to use skin friendly products and not go for the cheaper option available over the counter. This is because using a cheaper makeup might have the initial advantage in terms of the cost but in the future, its usage is definitely going to have harmful effects towards your appearance, including making your acne worse. For this reason we advise our readers time and again to choose any product but one that is certified for its safety and skin friendliness.

How to use makeup to cure acne?

To summarize it for you, using gentle & natural based foundations/bb cream/cushions can provide soothing skincare during the day to help calm your irritated and acne prone skin. Not only that, wearing makeup that works well for you and doesn’t cause you to break out can create a protective layer over you skin during the day. Protecting your pores from air born pollutants that otherwise might cause acne. Just because you have acne, doesn’t always mean avoiding makeup is best. Try out different products, makeup sure are fragrance free or contain only natural fragrance. Use makeup that is suitable to your skin type and concerns, of course always feel free to ask a cosmetician for help when choosing the best product for you.

Our recommendation?

We have for you our favorite foundation that can help cure ACNE prone sensitive skin, the Klairs Illuminating Blemish Cream (BB Cream). This product is safe to use and is suited to all types of skin, but especially those who have sensitive, dry, dehydrated & acne prone skin.

If your not too sure on your skin type, check out our skin type guide here.

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB Cream):


Wearing Foundation to Cure Acne

The Klairs BB Cream is known to pull out and display the best of what you have underneath in the form of your skin tone. The product usage helps to highlight your natural skin tone. The BB Cream is known to have excellent effects towards skin hydration. The application of this cream towards dry and sensitive areas can replenish the dryness with moisture and add the natural joy of youth and radiance to your skin. In terms of pore care the cream is specially formulated to provide natural coverage of pores and redness. Regular application of this cream is known to work wonders towards containing the initial effects of ACNE. So Ladies if you are looking for a product which can add a daily dosage of health to your skin and bring out the best of your natural appearance the Illuminating Supple Blemish from Klairs is exactly what you are looking for.


Well Ladies I would be signing off now but I would like to wish you all with lots of love and happiness and hope you choose the above recommendation on the importance of using only skin friendly makeup products. It is important to look presentable but adding a tinge of health to this process can only make the end results sweeter.


Wearing Foundation to Cure Acne


  • [KLAIRS]Illuminating Supple Blemish CreamUSD24.99 -> USD22.49
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