Wear Sunscreen every day? The Best Sunscreen for all Skin Types

Wear Sunscreen every day? The Best Sunscreen for all Skin Types

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Today we talk of the effects of the sun’s rays on our skin. It is a known fact that at the time of dawn or dusk the slanting rays of the sun are very good for the body and skin. The rays at that point of time are dim and very rich in Vitamin D. However as the sun comes our bright and huge, the intensity of these rays increase significantly. The UV or ultraviolet rays of the sun are known to have damaging effect to the skin causing wrinkles, spots and they contribute to accelerating signs of ageing.  The skin contains a fiber which is binding and is scientifically referred to as elastin. This would is closely related with elastic, as the name suggests elastin is the fiber within the skin which contributes to the skin feeling elastic in texture. Constant and prolonged exposure to the sun causes this fiber to fade or disintegrate which causes the skin to lose its elasticity and sag.

The Damaging effects of the Sun:

  • Freckles
  • Pigmentation
  • Discolored Skin
  • Elastosis: which is caused by the loss of Elastin Fiber from within the skin
  • Tumors
  • And Skin Cancer in Extreme Cases (Australia is a country where skin cancer is on the rise, this is because of the gaps in the ozone layer which show up above the continent. The government recommends people to avoid beaches of extreme exposure to the sun in summers)

Solution (Find the Best Sunscreen – Suited to all Skin Types)

The offhand solution is using a sun screen, the sunscreen acts a shield to prevent the ultra violet rays to penetrate the skins surface and damage the skin. Now many of us don’t know that there are two types of ultra violet rays UVA & UVB. UVA rays are known to penetrate deep within the skin and UVB is the primary cause of sunburns. Therefore it is recommended to use the Best Sunscreen which is ideally suited to your skin requirements.

Following are some products ranked among the Best Sunscreen Products in terms of their acceptance, safety in usage and results:

Wear Sunscreen every day? The Best Sunscreen for all Skin Types

Skin&Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Fre-C Sun Protector:

Wear Sunscreen every day? The Best Sunscreen for all Skin Types

The Skin&Lab Sun Protector protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. The products usage is completely non sticky and it simultaneously enriches and brightens skin with a rich dose of Vitamin C & E. The Sunscreen is known to have a visible whitening effect of facial skin and its usage is absolutely safe as it is approved by the Korean Food and Drug Authority. This product specially formulated with Freshly Capsuled Vitamins which will ensure you complete protection from the sun in addition to a clear and healthy skin tone.

Lei Lani Sun Block 50 PA+++

Wear Sunscreen every day? The Best Sunscreen for all Skin Types

The usage of this product leaves with a light and silky finish to the skin surface. The product is extremely useful in blocking the effects of UVA and UVB rays. The SPF50 provided the skin with a broad-spectrum of protection keeping your skin safe for up to 12 hours. Finally the product is known to reverse the signs of ageing, primarily caused due to over exposure to the sun. The product is suited to all skin types and is a great solution if you are looking for the Best Sunscreen moisturizer which makes you look more radiant and young.

Chica Y Chico Suntana 5.0

Wear Sunscreen every day? The Best Sunscreen for all Skin Types

The Chica Y Chico Santana is known to be among the best sunscreen products available. It provides 100% protection from UV and is absolutely sweat proof and non-greasy. As the effects of UV are ever increasing the usage of this product provides a shield against heavy exposure to UV rays and based on a zero irritation formulation. The usage of the product is recommended to all types of skin. The effects of unguarded exposure to the sun can age skin up to 10 years faster. So if you are looking for a bright and rejuvenated appearance, this product fits the bill in every aspect.

Finally people I would like to end by saying, shielding your skin from the harmful effects of nature and environment is a must. Daily application of a sunscreen or sun lotion can be a cost effective over the counter solution. However I caution people to always us safe and recommended products, as its usage is related directly to your outward appearance.

Wishing you with a lot of happiness and youthful radiance.


Wear Sunscreen every day? The Best Sunscreen for all Skin Types


  • [SKIN&LAB]Dr.Vita Clinic : Fre-C Sun ProtectorUSD20.49 -> USD18.44
  • [LEI LANI]Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++USD24.99 -> USD17.49
  • [CHICA Y CHICO]Suntana 5.0USD25.90 -> USD12.95
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