Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin Conditions

Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin ConditionsHi! It’s me, Eunice!

Last time I explained about different types, how to’s, and the effects of Korean mask packs. The title of the video is “All about Korean facial mask pack,” if you didn’t see it yet please check it out! As I promised last time, I will introduce you to mask sheets that is loved and used a lot in Korea.

Let me explain once again about mask sheets. Mask sheets are extremely easy to use, affordable, and in such a short amount of tim you can see same results as going to a skin care clinic! That’s why everyone really prefers mask sheets and is so popular. Sheet masks have various types for all skin types and so all skin conditions; anti-aging, moisturizing, troubled skin, whitening, and the list goes on and on. Depending on your skin type or the condition of your skin that day, you can choose a perfect fit and take care of your skin with a mask sheet!

Let me repeat how you use a mask sheet because many people asked questions on how to use them. You don’t have to rinse after you use a mask sheet. First after cleansing your face, put on toner. Then, put on the mask sheet and put it on your face for about 15-20minutes and rest. After, take off the sheet and dab in the remaining essence on your face and let it soak in. Put on cream or moisturizer afterwards and you are done! Isn’t that so simple?

Did you guys hear of the 1 Day 1 Sheet mask syndrome? In Korea, using a mask sheet every single night is a trend! It might be annoying but since mask sheet are so simple to use, if you try this you will be able to see your skin condition improve drastically. Also, since the mask sheets are so affordable compare to expensive skin care treatments, everyone is trying the 1 Day 1 Sheet mask! This is why I wanted to share about mask sheets with you today. Are you guys ready to choose the perfect mask sheet for your skin condition? Let’s start!

1st, let me introduce you to mask sheets for moisturizing and nourishment

Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin Conditions

1.[LOVIEN] Free One More Box ! – Pure Hydrogel Mask Pack

This pack is excellent for the elasticity of your skin! It’s 100% essence so it soaked deep into your skin. You can feel how fast it moisturizes your skin and it’s so cool to feel that the thickness of the pack actually becomes thin as it soaks into your skin. The how to is very simple, take out th mask and make sure that you figure out which one goes on the top and bottom of the face. Take off the film and put it on your face. For the top piece, focus on centering it on your eyes and with the bottom piece, focus on centering it on your lips. If you want to care for the skin around your eyes or your laugh line, I want to suggest that you try the apple zone mask which is has the same ingredients as the hydrogel mask.

2.[ELISHACOY] Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet

It’s a highly enriched mask that has the same ingredient of one whole bottle of honey essence in it. Honey is one of my favorite beauty ingredients these days and I’ve been falling in love with it! I’ve been trying every product that has high amount of honey in it. This mask sheet also has sweet honey and royal jelly in it to give you smooth skin. It’s great for moisturizing and also nourishing. The material of the sheet is Pulp, compare to other materials, it sticks on better and it’s very soft.

3.[SKIN FACTORY] Aqua Skinin Ampoule Mask

It has Seawater, Sweet Almond Oil, and Sodium Hyaluronate(an ingredient excellent for moisturizing and also forms a protective layer for your skin). It has 30ml of highly enriched essence in it also. With the Cellulose silk sheet mask which clings better to your skin and can also retain more ampoule solution than the common felt-type sheet masks.

2nd, introducing sheet masks for troubled skin or pore care!

Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin Conditions

1.[ENCA] Acne Control Mask (Acne Care)

This mask has taken out any artificial scent and color to make sure to avoid any ingredients that can stimulate your skin. It’s a natural 100% cotton mask sheet. It calms troubled skin and also gives rich moisture to your skin so that also helps to exfoliate. It’s safe for sensitive skin types also because it has large amounts of natural plant ingredient in it which helps prevent you from breaking out. When you start breaking out like crazy all over because you are stressed out or it’s the time before and after your period, this is the perfect mask to use!

2. [ELISHACOY] Houttuynia Cordata & Chestnut Husk Mask Sheet

The ingredient Tannin is in the mask which is a great pore care ingredient! It also controls excess sebum on your face so it helps your skin from getting oily or too shiny. I want to recommend it for people with oily skin. It is made of natural Pulp sheet so it’s very silky and it sticks on to your skin well.

3rd, sheet masks for whitening and brightening.

Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin Conditions

1.[ROJUKISS] Pure Vita C Dual Mask (Whitening)

Vitamin is not only great for whitening but also for the elasticity of our skin. One of the reasons why I really appreciate this mask is because it has divided the vitamin C separately so you don’t have to worry about the oxidation of Vitamin C. Right before you use it, you can mix it all together to be able to use it when it’s fresh! Vitamin C tends to make your skin tingle or sting a little but this is a safe reaction so please don’t worry!

2.[ELISHACOY]Natural Pearl Mask Sheet

This mask will give you clean and clear skin like a pearl! It actually has ingredient of a pearl in it to help with the elasticity also. The sheet’s material is the pulp kind so it’s very silky and will cling on to your skin better. Highly enriched essence is in this one simple mask sheet.

3.[SKIN FACTORY] Vega Vitaplex Ampoule Mask

The main ingredient of this mask sheet is mixed Vitamins of Panthenol, Ascorbyl glucoside, Green ea seed oil. The ingredients are excellent for nourishing your skin and brightening. With Cellulose mask sheet, it will stick on to your skin well and that will boost the effect of the mask sheet. This mask is also okay for sensitive skin, it’s Paraben free.

4.[SKIN FACTORY] I2.P.L White Mela-X Ampoule Mask

What is 12.P.L? It means intense perfect light to take care of your dull skin with blemishes and freckles. With Mulberry Root extract, it gives you a bright tone. It also has Allantoin which is another excellent ingredient for whitening. This is also a cellulose sheet which clings on to your skin better and it’s Paraben free.

4th, let me introduce mask sheets for sensitive skin types

Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin Conditions

1.[KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Mask

This is one of my favorite mask sheets because I have sensitive skin. This mask doesn’t stimulate your skin at all and it’s doesn’t itch or hurt not even a bit. It’s also 100% cotton sheet so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin. Re-purchase rate is 89% which means if you have tried it, you have fallen in love with it! Compare to the amazing effect, it’s less than a dollar, it’s so affordable! That’s why I’vebeen doing the 1 Day 1 Sheet with this mask pack for the last 2 weeks! Currently at Wishtrend, if you buy 10 packs they will give you 3 more! It has the amount of half a bottle of essence in it so it will give life and moisture to your dull, dry, sensitive skin. It soaks into your skin well and is one of the other reasons I like it is that it is not sticky. After you try it, you’ll be able to feel your skin moistured.

2.[PAPA RECIPE] Bombee Honey Mask Pack

Natural Propolis extracts and Honey extracts are the key ingredients for this mask. I’ve been falling in love with Honey so I carefully try and test many products that has honey in it. This mask gives rich moisture and nourishments to your skin and helps it to last that way for a long time. The sheet is made of natural pulp material, so it’s recommended for people with sensitive skin. The sheet also comes down a little bit more to your chin, so you can also care for your chin.

3.[ELISHACOY] Aloe & Lavender Mask Sheet

Aloe Vera and extracts of Lavender which are an excellent ingredient for people with sensitive skin is in the mask to sooth your rough skin. It’s great for moisturizing also.

5th, mask sheets to calm your skin that has been irritated by heat or environmental factors.

Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin Conditions

1.[SKIN FACTORY] Daily UV Care Ampoule Mask

This mask is to calm skin that has become sensitive due to the sun ray or environmental factors. It has Cucumber, Aloe, Chamomile ingredients to calm the skin. It also has Caviar and Honey extracts to give nourishments make your skin healthy. It will only take 20 minutes to give your skin the care that it needs. Especially, recommended when your skin becomes really red or sunburned during the summer time.

2.[SKIN FACTORY] Solution A-Plus Ampoule Mask

What is P.D.T? It means the perspiration to calm your irritated skin. It has Chamomile extract which is great for calming your skin. It also has Caster Oil which is an excellent ingredient for moisturizing. It is an ampoule mask that balances your oil and moisture balance. With its’ Cellulose sheet material it will cling on to your skin tightly.

6th, for anti-aging, wrinkle care, and elasticity of your skin.

Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin Conditions

1. [SKQIN] Lifting Dual Sissi Mask (Gold Sissi)

This is such a cool mask! The mask sheet has parts where you can hang it on your ears so that it can care for your whole face and neck line. It’s also great for double chins and lifting. The sheet is made of strong and high quality material so that it gives you a tight pull for the elasticity of your chin line. Amongst Korean costumers, it is said if you continuously use it, it will give you a V-lined face shape. Adenosine, an ingredient to rejuvenate your rough skin and wrinkles, is in this mask.

2.[ELISHACOY] Snail Hydrogel Mask

70% of highly enriched snail extract is in it which is great for moisture and anti-aging. It strengthens the protective layer of your skin to protect your skin. It’s a Hydrogel mask and it’s in the gel type to stick really well to your skin. It has large amounts of highly-enriched essence filled with nourishments.

3.[ELISHACOY] Caviar & Gold Mask Sheet

With high quality recipe of Caviar and Gold, this mask will give your skin energy of abundant nourishment! It’s excellent for moisture care and it will keep it in that condition for a long time. The material is Pulp which will be very silky and soft to cling onto your skin tightly. There is soft essence in it which will not irritate your skin.

4.[ELISHACOY] Syn-Ake Velvet Mask

Similar structure of the ingredient as a snake’s poison is in this product. That’s kind of scary right? But we need to know that this ingredient will give elasticity and nourishments to our skin! This mask sheet also has essence that has plant extracts in it to make it naturally soak well into your skin and after you use it, your skin will feel really life and fresh. It is made of pulp sheet so it the sheet will be soft and will stick to your skin well.

5.[SKIN FACTORY] E.G.F Moisture Tox Ampoule Mask

This is a mask sheet that has completed all the Dermatologist testing. It’s 30ml and it’s a Paraben free ampoule mask. What does E.G.F mean? It is the ingredient that has won a Nobel Medicinal Price. This ingredient is also used at Hospitals to treat people. It has large amounts of this ingredient which is excellent for wrinkle care!

6.[SKIN FACTORY] Vega Collagen Ampoule Mask

What is Collagen? It’s extracted from Seawater to give your skin the shine, elasticity, and also moisture that it longs for. This mask sheet has ingredients that will make your skin soft and moistured. It has Hydrolyzed Collagen in it to strengthen the layer of your skin. It also has extracts of Phellinus linteus(a type of mushroom, often used for teas also) in it to give your skin elasticity.

This is not the end! I have another tip that I have so you can use your mask sheets to 200%! While you have your mask sheet on, with the essence left over from the mask, use it on your neck or elbow and massage. After you are done using the mask sheet, you can also use the left overs for your feet or any parts of the body you want to moisture!

So, how did you guys enjoy that? As I introduced to you today, there are various types of mask sheets that were carefully selected for you guys. I hope that you can find that perfect one for you and I want to suggest that you try out the 1 day 1 mask sheet! Please leave me comments if you have any questions and always feel free to make suggestions also! Thanks for readying my Wishtrenders!


Various Korean Sheet Masks for Different Skin Conditions

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!