Valentines Gifts for Him

Valentines Gifts for Him

Hello Ladies,

As Valentine’s Day 2016 quickly approaches, we are all tasked with this huge decision on what to buy for the man you Love so much. Normally making this choice is relatively easy to those ladies who are in long term relationships. As you would be very aware of what your boyfriend or partner needs. Alternatively for those who would be ratted on what to purchase for the man you love so much, we have a few suggestions to help make your life a lot more easier.

The Perfect Valentines Gifts for him:

This Valentine’s we should step away from the traditional gifts of roses and chocolates and instead choose to purchase a gift ideally suited to a man’s personality.

A Cactus Plant:

A Cactus by far is the manliest of all the plants you would find on the planet. A cactus is available in a number of colors today and some are even close to red. The Cactus as a plant is also known to survive in the most difficult of conditions. You could gift a Cactus with a message informing your boyfriend that you Love him so much and want to be with him at every given point of time in life, even in the most difficult of circumstances. On the lighter side please don’t forget to put a message along if you choose to gift one. You might set your man on a panic attack if you fail to specify what the Cactus plant signifies.

A Bottle of his Favorite Champagne:

Champagne is known to set up the tone on a romantic night out. If you have a surprise cozy dinner in the planning, a bottle of your man’s favorite Champaign would be something he won’t really expect.

Men’s Grooming:

Most men would neglect a free spa Gift card unless they were on a holiday. However day to day grooming in the form of a haircut or a shave could be a wonderful gift that every man would love to spare time for. Some men are terribly lazy when it comes to getting a shave, in which case a gift card for the same could be a blessing in disguise.

Common Dude:

Men are known to wear almost no jewelry, therefore a watch, sunglasses or a cap can bring a smile on any man’s face. Just pick the dude’s favorite brand and watch the excitement as he opens the gift wrap. This is for those who choose not to experiment and want to play it really safe.

The Usual Stuff:

Then you also have the usual stuff, a heart shaped box full of chocolates and teddy with a message of love. However I recommend this only for couples who are new to a relationship. For seasoned couples I suggest you try some of the above. It would definitely spice things and prove really exciting & innovative.

If you care (Hygiene and Health) / Basic Skincare Starter Kit:

In terms of men’s grooming you could also choose to buy your lover boy a handy skincare kit. It is statistically proven that most me are in for a pleasant surprise on receiving gifts related to personal hygiene. In which case we have an all in one kit as a really cool recommendation “Klairs Wish Box” For all skincare needs. In Korea mens skincare is very popular and it is uncommon to find a guy who doesn’t take care of their skin. The product is based on an all-natural formulation and is known to do wonders towards reducing skin irritation, signs of ageing and is known to care for troubled skin very effectively. Men concerned with their dull and damaged skin related issues and for ladies looking to purchase a nice gift to present their boyfriends or partner this Valentines.

So Ladies this is about it, the above suggestions are some great Valentine’s ideas for him who is so special to you. With less than a week to go and the countdown racing towards your big day, we would advise you to plan well in advance and not leave the anything for the last minute.

May God Bless you with an everlasting relationship and a lots of beauty and radiance as you look to welcome the Day of Love and Affection.

“Blessings from Cupid (The God of Love)”


Valentines Gifts for Him

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