5 Sweet valentines day ideas.

Are you ready for your valentine’s day?

Here are some sweet valentines day ideas. Make your valentine’s day special with these adorable tips. ;)

1. DIY Chocolate

valentines day ideas_heart DIY chocolate

You can make a lovely chocolate lightly like this. First, melt white chocolate chips in top of double boiler over simmering water. And draw a heart or any shape you want with the boiled chocolate in a forcing bag on a clear fry fan.  And harden it in a cool place. It is done. I think it will be one and only special gift for your valentine. <3

2. DIY Fortune jelly 

valentines day ideas_DIY jelly

How do you think about presenting fortune jellies including your love? It is not only easy to make, but also you can add love messages in it. I’d like to put the message “I love you” in various world languages for him, hehe. :)

3. Customized chocolate

valentines day ideas_DIY jelly_customized chocolate

Among Koreans, The customized chocolate in the above picture is very popular. You can include your photo, message and  anniversary  in the chocolate.  When you ask with your requirements to the company, They will make and send this within several days. So lovely, Isn’t it?

4. Luxury special edition for valentine

valentines day ideas_Special edition

If you don’t want to make a chocolate yourself or you don’t have enough time to make it, you can also just buy a special chocolate gift. The worldwide best chocolate brands- Neuhaus, Ghirardelli and Godiva – provide gorgeous and sweet editions for your special valentine gift. These special chocolate editions are a bit expensive. Instead of that, the package is beautiful and the flavor is really great. So if you want to give a special sweetness, it would be a perfect gift.

5. Handmade Card

valentines day ideas_handmade cards

Here are some lovely handmade cards that can be made easily. Don’t forget to write your sincere love message in it, such as “Be my valentine.”

And Boys, How about preparing this chocolate for her? <3

valentines day ideas_men
Hope this article on valentine’s day ideas was interesting and helpful for your lovely valentine day. ;)
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