Facial massage isn’t the most widely popular routine around the world. However in certain areas of the world such as South Korea, facial massage techniques are almost an essential in ever woman’s skincare routine. In today’s article, we will be sharing with you our must know facial massaging tips to have your skin looking healthier and feeling healthier than ever before!


There are many benefits to facial massage that might surprise you such as:

  • Improving moisture
  • Improving nutrition circulation around the face
  • Increase blood flow to reduce tired looking features
  • Relaxes facial muscles to reduce stress and slim facial features

Those are a lot of great benefits that can lead to our skin looking healthier, younger and slimmer! Not only for our looks, facial massage also helps reduce built up stress and tension in the facial muscles, making us feel better and also help with fine lines and wrinkle development.

So let’s dive right in and take a look at our top 3 must know facial massage methods that can also help create a lovely v line shape to the face! A highly desired look in Korea!


If you are like me and feel facial massage is an extra step in a routine that you can’t be bothered doing, then you can easily incorporate this method into your cleansing routine at the end of ever day when removing your makeup! All you need is your favorite cleansing oil to remove makeup and your hands!

Taking a cleansing oil of your choice, (I personally use Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil) Apply 3 pumps onto the palm of your hands and apply it to your dry skin that requires removal of makeup or cleansing. Lightly rub into the skin  and watch makeup dissolve. Once the makeup has been dissolved, begin the facial massage.

Taking both hands and with 3 fingers on each hand, press onto your forehead in between your brows then press and pull outwards from the center of your forehead towards your temples. Repeat several times.

Next with 1 knuckle on each hand, press and draw an “X” shape in between your eyebrows, then with both knuckles, simultaneously press on the front of each brow then pull through the brows all the way to the temples. Do this several times. Then with the same method, create the same motion but from the under eye area starting from the inner corner of your eyes then following along the eye bag towards the outer corner.

Moving onto the face, with your knuckles in the same method as previously. Start from your nostril area, press and pull down your smile lines then up and along the under side of your cheek bones all the way to your ears. Repeat several times.

Next with your knuckles massage your nose by placing the knuckles on each side of the nostrils then draw up the sides of the nose bridge all the way to the fronts of your eyebrows. Repeat several times.

Finally, with 2 knuckles on each hand, place knuckles on the corners of your mouth, press and massage in a circular motion. Then press and move in a circular motion around the entire mouth area first clockwise, then counter clockwise.

2 – Facial Massage for Wrinkles & Moisture Improvement

For this method it is best to use a product designed for wrinkle care, moisture and nutrition improvement, I recommend the IM FROM Ginseng Mask as it is designed for these types of facial massage. With a freshly cleansed face that has not been dried, apply a nickle size amount of the mask onto your skin and spread evenly. Or try the Skinmiso Pore Zero Night Cream if you are not one to use masks.

Starting with the palms of your hands, with both hands, press on the centre of your forehead and move in a circular motion while not moved the hands out of placement. Do this several times in a clockwise motion, then repeat counter clockwise.

Next with your index fingers press on the inner corner of the eyes along the side of the nose bridge, make sure not to get any product in your eyes.

Then with your knuckles, press on the inner cheeks near the nostrils and pull outwards along your cheek bones and all the way to your ears.

Next taking your knuckles gentle massage the cheeks bones and cheek area in a circular motion.

Let the mask sit on the skin for 10 minutes after the massaging then rinse off and follow up with your evening skincare routine.

3 – Elasticity & V Line Shape

This massage method increases the tightness of the skin and helps relax tense muscles in the face. For this type of facial massage, I recommend using a tightening cream such as the Chica Y Chico Skin Tightening Cream or any other cream for wrinkle treatment.

Apply the cream lightly all over the face, then with 2 knuckles on each hand, place them on the chin then pull the knuckles outwards along your jawline all the way to the ears. This helps create the v line jaw shape and relax tight jaw muscles from stress.

Then  with 2 fingers, do the same motion only this time, pull just above the jawline from the chin area to the ear area. After several times, create a fist and repeat the exact same motions as before along the jaw area.

Next with the index and middle fingers, starting from the ear area of he jaw, press firmly and move in small circular motions, then move the fingers down and repeat this motion along the entire jawline area creating small circles of pressure along the entire jawline.

Then with knuckles, press along the jaw equal  to the top of your ear, then pull down the the beginning of the jawline. Repeat several times on each side of the face.

An you’re done!

Those are our top 3 must know facial massage techniques to make you look and feel your best with ease!



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