The number one thing all us ladies neglect during the cold winter season is always our legs, and who can blame us?! We all know there is zero point in constantly shaving, moisturizing, waxing, you name it, we all neglect taking care of our legs during the winter. But sure enough, as soon as spring rolls around, we all want to get beautiful legs in time for the summer season!

So today I am going to share our top tips to transform your legs, into beautiful legs once again!


Oh god those Keratosis Pillars

Not sure what Keratosis Pillars are? This technical terms refers to those small annoying hard bumps on the skin that most commonly appear on the backs of arms, legs and even buttock. These pesky buggers are extremely common, are harmless and are NOT a type of acne pimple. These little bumps are the build up of extra keratin on the skin that was unsuccessful in leaving the pores and as such, got trapped within the pores, forming hard little bumps on the skin. You can develop keratosis pillars anywhere on the body, but are most common on the locations previously mentioned.

So how do you get rid of them for beautiful arms and beautiful legs? Exfoliate regularly! Just scrub them away with a good gentle exfoliate regularly when you shower, then always make sure to moisturize after. Moisturizing will keep the skin healthy and able to breath, preventing keratosis pillars. If you don’t like scrubs, try a AHA liquid to increase the natural exfoliation process of your skin.

For these steps, I recommend the following products:

Jungle Botanics Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub
Ideal or use in the shower to exfoliate away dead skin cells and keratosis pillars


COSRX Aha Whitehead Power Liquid
Ideal for use on both face and body to help clear the skin from acne and prevent keratosis pillars

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Klairs Supple Preparation All Over Lotion
Ideal for use on both face and body to keep skin healthy, hydrated and moisturized.



Dry Patches & Discoloration

Lets face it, if we want beautiful legs and arms, dry and dark patches are not going to help.

These problems are easy to take care of as all your beautiful legs need is a little help from moisture. For this, we recommend starting to moisturize daily with the Klairs Supple Preparation All Over Lotion. If you have dark leathery dry patches then those areas might need a little extra love and care. I recommend applying pure organic coconut oil directly on these areas, massage it in, then follow up with the Klairs lotion to seal in that moisture.

Are the discolorations not dry or leathery? Then it may just be hyperpigmentation spots that need a little help. For these pesky areas, I recommend applying a brightening cream that will stop the over production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a naturally occurring compound in our skin that is responsible for the creation of pigment & tans. When you have dark spots and discolorations on the body, that is due to too much Melanin occurring in those spots.

Using creams such as the Chica Y Chico Nude Fantasy Cream will help control the melanin and reduce the dark color for a more even skin tone.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are never fun and are the curse of shaving anywhere, and once you get them, they can be quite the pain. It is always best to prevent them by making sure you’re using a quality razor when you shave and taking part in good after care. Always be sure to moisturize well after you shave and avoid where tight clothing that could both the hairs from properly emerging from the pores.

Already have some ingrown hairs? Use the Jungle Botanics Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub regularly to help keep the pores clear for the hairs can grow out. If your ingrown hair is very bad and appears to be infected, then it is best to visit a skin clinic to have the hair properly extracted to limit the spread of infection.


Ladies, don’t stress, even the fittest of women have some level of cellulite as it is only nature as you age.

If you are worried about cellulite or cellulite getting worse, then be sure to exercise regularly to make sure you have healthy blood flow and circulation throughout your body. Cellulite is caused by poor circulation combined with an unhealthy diet. So we sure to eat leaner and get moving!

You can also help out those beautiful legs by using a dry brushing routine before you shower. Dry brushing stimulates blood flow to the skin helping to prevent the formation or worsening of cellulite.

If you already have heavy cellulite, then professional derma-rolling, laser and injections can help at a aesthetic clinic.

So ladies, we sure to take care of the skin on your bodies and get that booty moving to get beautiful legs in time for the summer season!



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  • [KLAIRS]Supple Preparation All-Over LotionUSD26.50
  • [CHICA Y CHICO]Nude Fantasy CreamUSD26.90 -> USD10.76
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