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It’s Bronwyn here today with another BB cream article. For today, I will be comparing the top five most loved Korean best BB cream’s on the market. Of course, everyone has their own personal preference and experiences with BB creams, so I will be sharing my personal experience with each BB cream and what I liked about each one and what I didn’t like.

I did some researching and found what the 5 most purchased best BB cream’s were from Korea. However, for certain purposes, I cannot disclose the exact name of each BB cream, but based on how popular they all are, I am positive you will be able to know which ones I tried and am referring to.


The Brands



Whats to Love & not Love



PROS : The Klairs BB cream is one of my personal favorites. It has a yellow base to it, making it look extremely natural on the skin. You can consider its color very similar to that of a foundation rather then a bb cream, however it contains all the same benefits. It applies smoothly to the skin, providing a very easy to achieve even application. A little goes a long way making it easy to hide pores and add a little more to areas that need more coverage. It feels lightweight on the skin without feeling like your wearing anything at all. It also works nicely no matter how you apply it. Whether you use a sponge, a brush, a beauty blender, or your fingers, this bb cream does not fail to provide a flawless natural looking face in seconds. Oh and of course I love the fact it has natural ingredients, is paraben free, does no animal testing and is soothing to prevent and reduce any skin irritations you may have.

CONS : Of course no product can be entirely perfect for everyone but to be honest, finding a con for this bb cream is difficult for me. My only con is that this bb cream only has 1 available color. This color is just a little too light for me, making me not automatically go for it as a daily product. The color suits my skin best only in the winter time when I naturally am a bit lighter. Otherwise, I have experienced no issues with this bb cream and love everything else about it.


PROS : The Missha BB Cream is one of the most loved BB creams. It has a very high coverage that is buildable making it suitable for those who are looking to hide imperfections. Although this bb cream has excellent ingredient benefits, it is easy to blend and its natural light color tone makes it ideal for those who are more towards the fair side. Personally, I liked the bb cream for its moisturizing ability and anti-aging benefits. It also blends every easily into the skin with fingers or a sponge.

CONS : For me, I found this BB cream to have a grey/ashy undertone that looked very unnatural on my skin. Although the color was a bit to light, the grey cast almost made me look sick… This is one thing that always keeps me away from purchasing bb creams. However, it can be managed by using a better colored power over top, but when I purchase a product, I don’t want to have to use additional products to make it look more natural. Otherwise, the rest of the bb cream is a wonderful bb cream for skin perfecting. If only the color was less grey.


PROS : This BB cream is very high coverage, making it suitable for those looking to hide serious imperfections or even for those who just enjoy using full coverage products. It is moisturzing enough so you skin wont appear cakey with such high coverage. It contains ingredients to treat, calm and sooth imperfections as well as whitening ingredients to treat uneven skin tone and other pigmentation marks. This bb cream is suitable for those looking for a bb cream that is more of a high coverage treatment cream.

CONS : Okay… for myself personally, I really did not enjoy this bb cream. The functions and coverage ability are great, however I was not a fan of the entire formula. The product did not apply easily to the skin and also did not blend easily. I had to apply more cream repeatedly just to get an even application. For me, this bb cream felt like a mask on my face. On top of which, it has a very very noticeable grey/ashy under tone that made me look.. sick? Personally, I do not see how this is a popular bb cream. But what doesn’t work for me, may work amazingly for others.


PROS : The Holika Holika BB cream has one of the most interesting textures for one of the best bb cream’s. It is very unique in that its texture is like a mix between whipped and gel. Its color has a neutral base which is more on the orange side. It blends very easily into the skin creating a soft velvet finish on the skin. Its light weight formula is suitable for those with normal skin for a light and natural coverage. I think this bb cream is most suitable for summer seasons.

CONS : This bb cream has a very light weight texture with a light coverage, making in not suitable for everyone. On top of which, it is not buildable. When applying a second layer to already applied bb cream, it will lift the existing layer, ultimately creating the same level of coverage as before but in an odd mess. Making this bb cream only good with 1 layer of light coverage. On another note, this bb cream can sometimes appear almost orange like, but this can mostly be blended out nicely because of the light texture. Other then that, this bb cream has no additional cons.


PROS : The Lioele BB Cream is more on the affordable side out of all the bb creams in the list. This bb cream became widely popular internationally for its affordable and very high coverage effects. It gives a velvet and slight mattifying effecting which is very ideal for those with oilier skin types. This bb cream floats more on the pink tone side, making it ideal for those with more fair skin. This bb cream blends easily into the skin with fingers and a sponge and some kabuki foundation brushes.

CONS : Personally for me, I find this bb cream to be quite similar to the Dr.Jart+ bb cream previously mentioned. It has a very high buildable coverage that can feel like a mask on the skin. It also has a strong grey/ash under tone that can make you look sick if you don’t wear a blush or bronzer to give life back to the skin. Although, moisturizing with a velvet finish, this bb cream is one that makes me feel like I will break out if I wear it for more then 4 hours because of its heavy texture and mask like feeling.




  • [KLAIRS]Illuminating Supple Blemish CreamUSD24.99 -> USD22.49
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