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I am assuming you have arrived here today because you are fed up with your stubborn acne and currently pimple treatment plan having minimal effects. Well your pimple treatment might be working, however your habits or method might actually be setting you back on the path to clear skin! Let me share with you our top 3 pimple treatment mistakes you might be making that are influencing your negative results.

1: Over Cleansing

Oh yes that is correct! For some reason, as we are young we are always given the assumption that we have pimples because our skin is too oily and not clean enough. Which in turn encourages us to purchase every facial cleansers that strip our skin clean. Not only that, we are encouraged to cleanse sometimes 3 times a day, which is way too often to be good!

Believe it or  not, it actually isn’t even recommended to cleans twice a day. So try skipping out on your morning facial cleansing and instead substitute it with a quick freshen up with a toner and cotton pad or even just a quick wipe with a micellar water. Just think about it. We thoroughly cleanse our faces every night and while we sleep, the only thing our skin collects is our natural oils. Simply wiping away the excess oil in the morning is all our skin truly needs as cleansing every morning can damage our skins natural barrier, making it more inviting for acne bacteria to get into the pores.

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2: Over Exfoliating Or Not Exfoliating Enough

This is a tricky one and can take a while to figure out whether your skin is needs more or less exfoliation. Trust me, it took myself a while to find out just how often my skin needed to be exfoliated to help reduce my clogged pores. My tip for this is to take a close look at your skin. If you don’t exfoliate at all and you have a lot of under the skin lumps or blackheads, then you most likely need to exfoliate at least 2 times a week.

If you have lots of redness and whiteheads or infected pores that are inflamed, then you might be exfoliating too much. This is a sign of skin infection and irritation. If you are already exfoliating and have these types of breakouts. It can be a sign that the surface layer of your skin is damaged and has not had enough time to repair. As a result, your skin was been vulnerable to acne bacteria and as such resulted in pimples.

All in all it takes some errors and practice before you find out your perfect exfoliation routine. Just be sure to know the signs of too much exfoliation and too little.

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3: The Wrong Makeup / Skincare

Not all makeup and skincare it suitable for everybody’s skin. What works for others might cause irritation and acne for some. My advice is you are struggle with pimple treatment, is to take a closer look at that ingredients in your skincare and makeup. Start by getting to know what common ingredients work well to prevent irritation and reduce acne. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, almond oil, ceramide, alpha hydroxy acid and betaine salicylate are some great ingredients for calming the skin and unclogging the pores without causing irritation. If your skincare or makeup contains any one of these or more, then your stepping in the right direction!

If you keep track of good ingredients and ingredients that work well for your skin, it will make finding ingredients that cause you acne breakouts easier to spot!

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