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We have something on ACNE coming up today but this would be different and in fact very beneficial bit of information as it primarily focuses in Hormonal ACNE and what we as individuals can do to prevent hormonal changes, which are going to take place in the body from causing changes to our appearance. The article would focus on tips to cure hormonal ACNE and would recommend you a change in your overall attitude towards your body and lifestyle in terms of looking after yourself.

So Ladies an Article Packed with Tips to Cure Hormonal ACNE coming right at you:

First Let’s Understand:

What is Hormonal ACNE?

ACNE as we know is a skin disease which is medically considered “Not Life Threatening”. In most cases ACNE is caused by the mix of dirt, dry skin, skin oil, pollen and pollutants to combine together to form a substance called Sebum. It is this vicious substance which is called Sebum which leads to the formation of ACNE. Now when to talk of ACNE it is a known fact that the human body excretes oil from the skin, this is a natural process and cannot be curtailed or stopped even if we want. Puberty or Teenage is a phase of our life which sees a lot of hormonal changes in the body. It is during this phase of our lives that we find a change in our body medically referred to as an “Increase in Androgen”. An increase in androgen would not could any harm to the body but would see the body creating and excreting more oil than it normally is used too. With the body generating more oil, it increases the chances of this oil combining with pollutants and dryness to block the skin pores.

The same can be said and seen with many ladies in the middle of a pregnancy. Although pregnancy is identifies as a very beautiful phase in a ladies life. This phase is also one in which a woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. The enlarging of the oil glands is one attribute very commonly seen amongst pregnant women. Now when we talk of these hormonal changes, you don’t need to be petrified with how your skin is going to turn up after while you are pregnant or in your teens. We recommend you to enjoy every moment of this change but simultaneously take steps to make sure that these changes don’t affect your skin or make you look sticky and un-fresh.

Steps to Cure Hormonal ACNE:

Eat Correct:

It is important to eat correct, dairy foods and foods rich in Vitamins are considered ideal for the skin. Alternatively foods which are rich in sugar and oil can serve as bacteria feeders and can worsen the condition. If you are already going through hormonal changes junk foods or foods rich in sugar and oil can accelerate the pace at which the body produces oil and must be avoided. Foods rich in Zinc are also hugely recommended for a flawless appearance.

Drink Water:

Drinking sufficient amounts of water can flush out toxins and help the skin to naturally hold moisture from within.


Prevention is one sure recommendation, it you are experiencing excessive oily skin than usual. Simply adopt a skin care process which would see you cleaning your face or skin more often. Also adopting a daily skin care routine would see the oil generation cause no harm to your facial skin.

Here is one of my Personal Favorites:

Sip Green Tea & peppermint tea from time to time, you might not be knowing but Green Tea has natural anti-inflammatory properties and daily consumption of Green Tea & peppermint tea can help regulate an increase in hormonal levels over a period of time.

Forget OTC (Over the Counter):

Avoid the use of just any other product which is available over the counter. It is important to make sure the product you use is formulated with natural ingredients. Products which contain silicon or alcohol can do more harm than any good to the skin. It is recommended to keep your effort to cure Hormonal ACNE as simple and Natural as possible.

Following are some products which we would like to recommend to you. These are ranked among the best selling Korean Skincare Products and are certified for of its usage and effectiveness.

Acne Approved Skincare Routine:

Cosrx ACNE Pimple Master Patch:


The Cosrx ACNE Pimple Master Patch is excellent in healing ACNE, the patch works very effectively towards facilitating healing and avoiding the skin catching on to secondary infection while the healing process in on. The product has a high coverage and reduces skin irritation by targeting the smallest of problematic areas. The best part of the product is that forms an barrier which helps protect skin from external factors. The product is very easy to use and is ideally suited to treat ACNE, Pimples and Blemishes.

Sol-Kit Pimple Spot Care Kit:


The Kit comprises of three products

  • ENCA ACNE Drying Pinky Powder
  • Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream
  • 23 Years Old Apchuren ACNE Care Tool

The ECNA ACNE Drying Pinky Powder is a fast-acting formula which reduces ACNE and Pimples. It contains active ingredients which sooth and relieve ACNE and Pimples with ease. So if you are look for an off-hand solution to for a night care therapy, the ECNA ACNE Drying Powder is an ideal solution is every aspect. Next we find the 23 Years old Apchuren ACNE Care Tool, an easy and innovative solution to get rid of ACNE. The product is easy to use and its very structure is perfect to extract Blackheads, Whiteheads and ACNE. The product is safe to use and causes minimum scarring upon usage. Finally we have the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Creaming which is made up of special ingredients which are ideally suited to treat even the most sensitive of skin types. In fact people who are not finding solutions with over the counter products would find a lot of skin irritations settled with the usage of this product over a short period of time.


So Ladies would like to sign off by saying, don’t let Hormonal changes to your body demoralize you. In fact work towards creating a routine which would keep the effects of hormonal changes on your skin and appearance at an arm’s length.




  • [COSRX]Acne Pimple Master PatchUSD0.00 -> USD20.00
  • [WISH RECIPE]Pimple Spot Care Kit (Acne Care / Combination Skin)USD53.39 -> USD40.50
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