Tips for an Oily Face Sufferer

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How are you, hope you are all very well. Today we have something interesting coming up for you. We are going to talk about one of our core topics, which will bare emphasis on the remedy to an oily face. This topic will include reasons as to why many individuals suffer from excess oil generation from their facial skin and the root cause of this oily face condition. The article will inform you on the lifestyle one must adopt to improve the skin you dawn, in addition to this we would also be explaining how stress and incorrect living are altering the natural appearance of one’s facial skin.

What are the Causes of an Oily Face?

Tips for an Oily Face Sufferer


As we know our surroundings and natural causes like dust, dirt and pollution contribute significantly to aggravate facial skin problems. These very environmental factors enter skin pores to combine with the oils the skin naturally produces to form a harmful substance called SEBUM. This very sebum clogs the pores to split the hair follicle, which leads to ACNE related issues like whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.


Whether you realize it or not, as you enter into your teenage years there are hormonal changes in your body. This leads to excessive production of sweat and oil. Obviously if not cleaned properly, this very oil can enhance an existing ACNE skin condition or alternatively initiate the initial effects of skin troubles.


Our lifestyle plays a crucial factor in determining the health of our facial skin. Excess calories in food in the form of Junk Food, Irregular Sleeping Patterns, Insufficient Sleep, Insufficient Water Consumption (Lack of Natural Hydration),Smoking and the Consumption of excess Aerated Drinks and Alcohol are some of the major reasons for skin getting effected and in some cases producing excess oil.

The above explanation does not mean that you need to stop all of the above but regulating the consumption and at the same time maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be the change you are looking for.

The Change:

Eat Healthy:

Consumption of foods with positive digestive properties and in a form are closest to their natural state(otherwise known as eating RAW) will have untold benefits. A regulated consumption of Vitamin and Protein rich food can boost strength. At the same time healthy calories will give you energy. Calcium rich food as we know is good for bones and finally fiber will improve metabolism. All these factors combined will lead to the formation of a healthy lifestyle and in the process a healthy and good looking you, including a reduction in having an oily face.

Work out:

Burning calories in the form of exercise or a basic workout is essential for the discharge of harmful toxins. These toxins are released in the form of sweat and also through the bowel as a regular workout improve the functioning of digestion and in the process accelerate the bowel movement. The loss of these harmful toxins, helps wash out excess body oil accumulation, in turn reducing the appearance of an oily face.

Drink Water:

Probably the most under respected element of nature, the consumption of water helps to flush our toxins, thus giving you the gift of goodness towards your external appearance, such as an oily face.


Another very important factor which comes in the way of inadequate lifestyle is insufficient rest. Every individual should get a sufficient amount of sleep after a good day of work. This is one factor that should never be compromised upon.

If you are suffering from an oily face condition and are looking for the ideal product. We have some recommendations which are safe and certified for usage to all types of skin.

A Skincare & Makeup Routine for Oily Face Sufferers

Klairs Be Clean Natural Soap:

Tips for an Oily Face Sufferer

The Klairs Rich Moist Facial Soap is light pink in color and provides excellent soothing effects to skin and is also very effective towards sensitive skin. The product contains Argon Oil which is very effective in moisturizing and Yermar mate which extremely effective in anti-oxidation properties. The product is used to treat dead, dry and troubled and is extremely suitable to all types of skin including sensitive skin.

Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum:

Tips for an Oily Face Sufferer

Skinmiso is the best Pore Corset Serum which is specifically created for pore care. The product is ideal for people who have enlarged facial pores and are suffering with the effects of sebum accumulation within pores. The product is made from natural plant extracts and regular usage of the product helps clean the skin pores of sebum and shrink the size of the skin pores in the process. As a Serum the liquid seeps deep within the skin to rejuvenate skin and make it appear healthy and young.

23 YearsOld Badecasil Day Cream:

Tips for an Oily Face Sufferer

The 23 YearsOld Badecasil Day Cream gets you effortless, smooth and soft skin throughout the day. The product contains a cooling herb which gives the user a morning boost of moisturization coupled with a light tinge of exfoliation as a process. The cream is suited to all skin types and in particular oily and troubled skin. All you need to do is apply it in the morning for skin protection throughout the day.

I’M FROM Volcanic Clay Mask:

Tips for an Oily Face Sufferer

This is one very highly recommended product, as the name suggests the mask contains 8.6% of pure volcanic clay from the Jeju Volcano which erupted 1.5 million years ago. The product is known to digest and cleanup sebum from deep within the skin pores. This unique characteristic removes dead and dry skin. The products usage releases a cooling effect within the pore to shrink it in order to prevent it from getting clogged again. If you are suffering from an oily face or ACNE related issues this is one product that you really need to consider.

Chica Y Chico Matte Cushion:

Tips for an Oily Face Sufferer

This is a triple function cosmetic product which looks after skin brightening, wrinkle care and protection from the Sun. If you are suffering from a greasy/oily face, oil blotting etc this is one very useful product that is formulated around an anti-grease formulation. The product is handy to carry and is ideally suited for the summer months. In addition to protection the Matt Cushion works as a skin toner and concealer to help you look radiant and flawless.


So Ladies let’s say goodbye to that really displeasing oily face and change our lifestyle by adopting healthy habits and a skin care routine to look nothing short of perfection.

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Tips for an Oily Face Sufferer

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