Hi loves! It’s Bronwyn from BiiBiiBeauty here today to share with you some of the top skincare devices and beauty supply’s around the world that will completely revolutionize your anti-aging skincare routine! Around 5 years ago, I used to think these items were over glorified and pointless to waste money on. Yet now that I am older and the signs of skin aging are starting to creep in, such as slight loss in firmness, I’ve now realized that simple at home techniques work, but at the same time are not quite enough. So let me introduce to you the top best beauty supply skincare devices that have swept the Asian Beauty industry by storm and are now popular globally in spa clinics and even with celebrities!

1: PREMIUM Facial Rollers

Oh yes, all those weird looking metallic facial massagers are actually the biggest must-have beauty supply skincare devices to this day! I’m not referring to the plastic ones you can find at daiso either, I’m referring to the luxury platinum and gold facial devices that we tend to think are well overpriced. However little did I know, these bad boys are the perfect thing to add into your routine if you are starting to notice skin sagging in your lower facial area around the jawline and neck! Not only do these high-end rollers help stimulate anti-aging effects in the skin thanks to their unique rollers pattern and light pinching effect, but they also provide lymph drainage. Lymph drainage when the lymph nodes and fluid around the body is properly moved along, aiding in the delivery of nutrients throughout the face and body, collecting toxins along the way and helping them be correctly flushed through the body. The benefits of this is firmer, more youthful and tighter skin, muscle relaxation, de-swelling of glands and lymphs as well as reduction of viruses and toxins, for a healthier more beautiful you!

If you ever plan to invest in a facial roller, it’s definitely worth it to go big or go home. However, there are more affordable options yet you will not get the same benefits as you would from a higher end roller in this case. A beauty supply investment of a lifetime that can be used for years!

2: 24K Gold T Bar

You may have recently started seeing these t-bars circulating around the beauty community as the new up and comer to the original platinum facial rollers. These 24K T Bar’s provide a similar effect as the rollers, only in smaller levels and at a more affordable rate. Of course if you’re looking for grader results, the rollers might be your best choice. Yet if you are seeking something a little more sleek and simple, the gold t-bar might be your go-to! This beauty supply tool provides the skin with lymph drainage via gold ion transmission from vibrations. This duo effectively tightens, toners, firms and drains lymphs to create a more toned and lifted look to the skin. In fact these t-bars have recently started to be adopted into the cosmetic service world as a pain reducer while receiving injectable treatments such as fillers and botox. However, due to the shape and size, these t-bars can only be used on the face in certain areas. Unlike the rollers which can be used on the entire body and face.

3: Ion Peel Massager AKA Skin Scrubber

One of the latest in Korean facial treatments is Ion peel devices! These devices consist of a very thin dull blade that is glided over the skin during a facial treatment to either aid in the clearing of pores or increase product absorption all while tightening and firming the skin. These devices vibrate at a high frequency of around 2800 per second, activating the skin gently to increase the benefits of a facial treatment. The device has a dual shape, flip it one way to remove dead skin and blackheads, or flip it the flat way to deliver product and nutrients into the skin. A bonus, thanks to the intensive vibration, this device will also aid in lymph drainage on the facial area!

4: Skin Checker & Analyzers

If you are new to the Asian skincare scene, then you might be surprised these even exist on a consumer level! Generally, in Western Countries, you would need to visit a dermatologist or spa to check the water content and oil content of your skin. However, that is no longer true! If you want to take your skincare routine to the next level to achieve perfect hydration and oil balance, then grab yourself a skin checker! These bad boys can be purchased in the Asian market from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and more to perfect analyze the current condition of your skin on a daily basis! You no longer need to wonder if you moisturizers are actually working on not! Once you have one, you’ll wonder why you never got your hands one earlier. Not only that, they are also shockingly affordable!

5: Blackhead Remover’s

If you’re on a budget or still feeling skeptical to invest in some of the above advanced beauty supply’s then spending a little side cash on a blackhead remover tool/comedo remover might be the skincare upgrade of the year! If you have never used or seen one of these before, then you’re in for a treat! These sanitary tools aid you in gently applying the right amount of area pressure to the skin to effectively extract blackheads and close comedos from the skin! So you can say goodbye to under the skin lumps, bumpy foreheads and blackheads on the nose! These tools were first commonly used in spa facials to clear out clogged pores safely, but they now can be purchased by anyone!

TRY: Skinmiso Comedo Remover / Blackhead Remover Tool

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