The Secret Sheet Mask For Kpop Idol’s Glowing Skin

This might sound a bit extreme. But I feel the need to share immediately with you guys if I find a product that is worth obsessing over!

I wanted to introduce a new mask sheet that I fell absolutely in love with recently. Because I am a makeup junkie, I have to and I want to try many different products. For a couple of years now I have been using mask sheets to maintain my skin’s health and vitality. But I’ve noticed that most of the mask sheets do their roll for that moment and after a few hours, my skin is back to normal. Since I have sensitive skin also, even if I find a really good mask that really boosts my skin’s condition, it leaves my skin with a little bit of pigmentation because it’s so good but too strong for my skin. So, what am I trying to say?

I found this amazing mask that does wonders without irritating or damaging my skin! You can really get the effect like you got a treatment at an expensive spa and I’m really grateful that I found this mask sheet that gives me that lovely milky glowing skin effect!

Cocoon Willow silky Mask

The Secret Sheet Mask For Kpop Idol's Milky Skin

When I first heard the word Cocoon, I wasn’t really surprised because silk cocoon-based skin care products have been taking off in Asia and the world as consumers are seeking an alternative way to keep their skin radiant! Especially in Korea, cosmetics featuring the proteins from transgenic silkworms are doing really well! Behind the micro-silk fibers are a power protein called Sericin which is good to prevent dehydration. It also boosts the moisturizing properties in other ingredients. I’ve tried the silk ball that gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin! But this is the first time that I heard of or tried a mask sheet and boy am I happy that I did!

One thing that made me think for a few seconds before stashing a bunch of these masks was its’ price. It’s $6 dollars! I had to recheck the price because usually the mask sheets that I use cost about $2-3 dollars so I was surprised by the price. But I’m so glad that I tried it and it’s worth every single penny! It really does give me an instant glow like I just finished a skin care treatment at a spa! It is great for brightening your dull tone. This mask is designed to restore, rejuvenate, and whiten the skin for a smoother, healthier look. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, I can tell that it really helps with anti-aging because my wrinkles and laugh line are tightening a lot.

Speaking of laugh lines, the cool thing about this mask is that you can also do lip care all at once! Usually, other mask sheets have a hole or a space for your mouth but this mask it is connected so you can do lip care all at the same time. I guess if you are bad at breathing through your nose but other than that! I thought it was really smart of them to make the mask this way.

Another thing that I thought was smart was their sheets are different from any other mask sheets I’ve tried. It’s very stretchy! So it actually does and feels like it helps with the elasticity of your skin. For those of you who had problems with the size of the mask sheets, I think you can say buh-bye to your worries now. If it was too big for you, you will definitely feel that it’s a bit smaller so it fits your face perfectly. If it was too small for you, this sheet stretches a lot and it feels great like someone is actually pulling at it from the sides.

The Secret Sheet Mask For Kpop Idol's Glowing Skin

I can proudly recommend this mask to everyone and say that you will see a difference for sure! So I recommend it for those of you who wanted to see an actual difference or improvement when you used a mask sheet. It’s also great before an important event or a date! Also, for those days that you know you’re makeup is not going to go on smoothly, use this before you put on your makeup!

How to:

I don’t think I need to explain how to use a mask sheet! Because we all know and it’s just too simple! But I will explain once again for those of you who can be trying it for the first time.

1) Apply the Cocoon Willow Silky Mask onto clean skin and align it evenly onto the face.
2) Pull the bottom of the mask upward and align it evenly with the chin.
3) Remove after 10-20 minutes and lightly tap the skin until the serum is fully absorbed.

But one extra tip I wanted to share is that if you have normal, dry, combination, sensitive skin, put it on for 10-20 minutes.

But if you have oily skin type, I recommend that you put it on for only 10 minutes. Afterwards, dab lightly to soak in everything.

You can put on a moisturizer but you won’t need to because your skin is going to feel so soft, moisturized and like milky glowing skin!


The Secret Sheet Mask For Kpop Idol's Glowing Skin



  • [23YEARS OLD]Cocoon Willow Silky MaskUSD4.20 -> USD7.14
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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!