The Rules To Choose the Best Body Wash | Glycerin Soap? Handmade Soap?

Body wash is life! Body wash obsession is real especially with major brands like Bath and Body Works, Lush, the Body Shop and of course let’s not forget Victoria Secret as well. Among many different body wash products out there, what is the first impression you have towards bar soap? I’m pretty sure that many of you prefer liquid body wash products over bar soaps and there would be many different reasons why you no longer are fond of using them; soaps melting away quicker than you expected, hard to take care of and preserve in the shower, so slippery that it’s hard to have full control over application on body. These sad facts of the soap make people hesitate about picking up a bar soap instead of liquid body wash products. However, there must be a reason why major brands still come up with different types and colors of body soaps. There is still a high demand of soaps despite its inconvenience and especially, handmade soap, glycerin soap is high on trend.

Glycerin Soap? Handmade Soap? The Best Body Wash!

If you are a soap mania, you would have already heard of a glycerin soap. And we usually call the glycerin soap, the REAL soap. And by that, we mean that it is a soap that is made time-honored and with rich hydration and not including added ingredients like harsh detergents, parabens, preservatives or other chemicals. In the process of making, the chemical reactions create glycerin and unlike other common soaps, when glycerin is allowed to remain in the soap, it makes a gentle and well-balanced soap with rich hydration. The more glycerin is added to the soap, it creates a clear, transparent soap that is unsurpassed in its mildness and moisturizing capabilities. That is why more and more people are looking for glycerin soaps. And since it takes a longer period of time to process the soap (usually from a month up to 3 months, or even more than a year) it’s hard to produce in large quantities at once. You would notice that glycerin soaps are usually less pretty, or should I say less polished than the ones that have gotten rid of glycerin in the process of making. Glycerin soaps seem less polished and unevenly colored but when it comes to ingredients and the effects it has on our body, you can’t stop but loving it. And it’s about time now that you know the importance of hydrating factor when it comes to a skincare product.

[KLAIRS] Be Clean Natural Soap (Body):  Manuka Honey & Choco Soap


If you are new to Glycerin soap and want to start off easy, try [KLAIRS] Be Clean Natural Soap (Body): Manuka Honey & Choco Soap. This multi-cleansing bar contains AHA which is the perfect ingredient to remove dead skin cells on the body which is the key to preventing body acne from taking place on our body.  The Aloe vera leaf extracts, propolis, and shea butter included enable to soothe skin with a soft texture, honey, chocolate, and olive oil keep skin moist even after washing.I mean, there is a reason why people call it the best body wash! (If you use it everyday, you can use it up to 2 months)

3 Different Ways to Use A Body Soap for Your Body Acne

You might think that there is nothing so special about using a soap in the shower but according to different skin concerns or purpose, you can use it in different ways. So take a look and use the most out of a soap!

1) Regular Use


So for regular body wash, you can either use the shower sponge or just your bare hands. Any type of shower sponge would work great with the soap but try to find a gentle body bath tool so that you won’t irritate your skin. The mild bubbles will make it easy to apply the foam all over your body and leave a hydrated finish.

2) For Target Soap Exfoliator

Another way is to use the foam for gentle exfoliation. Since exfoliation is the key to preventing body acne, you would want to wisely choose the body wash product and effectively use it.

2-1) Back Acne


Since our skin on our body is thicker than our face, especially our back, try looking for a body brush that will not only make it easy for you to exfoliate your large area of the body but to effectively remove dead skin cells off from your body. But make sure to let the body brush sit in hot water for a little bit before using it to make the hair of the brush smoother. Then all you have to do is apply the bubbles of the soap and work your way through the parts where you want to exfoliate. Using the brush will make it way easier for you to reach out to the parts that’s difficult to target.

2-2) For Chest & Arm Acne


If you want to exfoliate your chest area, we recommend you to simply use hands. Brush would be harder to work with for your chest and it is sensitive compared to our back. So make sure to lather the soap enough to make sufficient bubbles and then apply the bubbles onto your chest and let it sit there for 2 minutes. The bubbles will soak the dead skin cells and then all you have to do is rinse it off with water. Since the bubbles are so gentle and soft to work it, your skin won’t feel any burden at all.

3) Exfoliating Built Up Dead Skin Cells


Now some of the parts of our body that are easy to miss but can look very messy when not taken great care of. For parts like your heels of the foot and elbows, dead skin cells are easily built up and if they are built up it not only looks dirty but it can leave your skin itchy, create dry patches and even skin irritation. So every time you shower, don’t forget to apply the soap bubbles onto these parts and exfoliate. Using an exfoliating tool would be a great way to take care of these parts because dead skin cells build up thicker than other parts. Also using a soap that is hydrating is such an important factor to consider since these parts get easily dry.

Just remember…

3 different ways to use a soap according to your preference and your need would definitely guide you to have an acne free body! But what’s more important than the simple methods, is what body wash product, what soap you decided to use. Never forget to choose a glycerin soap that is rich in moisture and included ingredients that will work wonders for preventing and removing body acne.

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