Why You Need to Do the Oil Cleansing Method

Why You Need to Do the Oil Cleansing Method

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Removing ones makeup has always been one routine we choose to probably negate or neglect at times or simply just remove it with water. Removing the makeup with water obviously causes no harm but you can better the results by resorting to the oil cleansing method as your option (to remove makeup).

Now the one question that comes to your mind is “Why use oil when you can simply just walk to the tap and use the easier option of flowing water?”

The Answer is simple, if your skin is constantly covered with makeup it becomes dry. In which case the body naturally tends to produce excess oil to compensate for the nourishment it ideally requires. Now this accumulation of oil can lead to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads or ACNE but if you use the oil cleansing method therapy, you would prevent the requirement for the body to create the excess oil. Now the use of makeup definitely prevents the skin pores get blocked with impurities but you need to know when to remove it. Doing the same with an oil cleansing method can only do wonders towards your skin appearance.

How the Oil Cleansing Method Works:

You can use Olive Oil, Plant Oil, Castor Oil or a Blend of a few skin friendly oils. The concept is very clear, external application of oil will lead to it seeping into skin pores thus preventing skin from naturally produce excess oil (Sebum) which can lead to skin issues. The process involves the replacement of dirty oil with good oil which enhances the skin health and gets it sufficiently hydrated.

Advantages of Using the Oil Cleansing Method:

  • It keeps skin healthy
  • Maintains a healthy level of oil that the skin requires
  • Removes all types of makeup right from the root
  • Helps dissolve the unhealthy or dirty oils
  • Keeps the effects of ACNE in check
  • Is a natural skin cleansing process
  • Serves as an anti-ageing therapy as it helps control wrinkle formation
  • Suites to all skin types

Process of the Oil Cleansing Method:

The process is as follows:

  • First take your choice of oil in a small container or bowl
  • You can even choose to mix two types of oils (example olive oil & castor oil) Or use a pre-made cleansing oil *listed bellow*
  • Tab your fingers and rub a small amount of oil to your dry uncleased face & areas with makeup
  • Gently massage the oil around your face until makeup is visibly lifted to the sruface
  • If you wear makeup on the eyes  for example mascara, massage those area delicately
  • rinse with warm water until little oil remains *re-made cleansing oils rinse away easily then homemade*
  • Or, wet a cleanse wash cloth in hot water and old over skin for a few seconds, then gently wipe away oil.
    *this will steam pores open for an even deeper clean, however this step is optional*
  • Next, take your facial cleansing foam or the one we recommend bellow, and second cleanse your skin to remove excess oil
  • lather foam over skin then rinse away with cold water to tighten pores

Our Favorite Oil Cleansing Method Products

For people who are looking to resort to the oil cleansing method to remove makeup and are looking for products which can prove to be beneficial to the skin and at the same time remove makeup effectively, We have some recommendations of products which have been certified for their safety.

Klairs Gently Black Deep Cleansing Oil:

Why You Need to Do the Oil Cleansing Method

The Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil is manufactured with ingredients which have been extracted by nature and is very effective in deep cleansing of skin pores. The product is formulated with Vegetables Oils which are naturally suited for skin care. A special feature of the oil is that its application is very mild but at the same time it is very effective in cleansing dirt and makeup without causing any irritation to the skin. So girls if you looking for an oil cleansing makeup remover it can’t get better than the Klairs Gently Black Deep Cleansing Oil.

Klairs Gently Black Sugar Charcoal Soap:

Why You Need to Do the Oil Cleansing Method

This is a natural charcoal soap and is extensively suited to pore care and is specifically meant for the purpose of exfoliation. The Klairs Sugar Charcoal Soap does not have any artificial ingredients like preservatives or hardeners and has been produced by craftsmen who have been producing soap for the past 20 years. A special feature of the soap is that it contains Ghassoul, an ingredient sourced from Morocco which draws out sebum from the skin pores to purify skin and make it appear bright and radiant.


Dear Ladies I would like to conclude this topic by recommending you to try the Oil Cleansing method as an option to remove your makeup. This will definitely help you address the formation of minor skin care ailments, in addition to making your makeup more skin friendly.

Take Care!

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Why You Need to Do the Oil Cleansing Method


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