All in One: The Lotion and Moisturizer for Your Face & Body

Tell me now, how does your vanity look like? I’m pretty sure it’s not too different from mine, I mean with anyone on this planet. It will be piled with different colored and sized creams, cleansers, lotion and moisturizer products. And we cannot help ourselves but to be proud every morning and night just by looking at them and feel that fulfilling pleasure of owning all of them, making you feel like the true beauty guru of the 21st century. It is a result of us being so confident and never hesitating to apply different products onto different parts of our face and also between our face and body.

First, let me put it out there. Yes, it is true that there are differences between a facial moisturizer and a body lotion and of course the reason being the different characteristic between the skin of our face and body. But don’t you encounter those moments when you feel like you just want to vacate your vanity and keep everything minimal and simple? I mean, minimalism, simplicity, we all have a desire for these two words, right? As much as we wish to achieve it, it’s hard because we are so used to using different products for our face and body.

Well, I’m here today to not only share a common fact: why we are so used to using different products on our face and body but also to introduce you to a product that will change your thought on your busy vanity! The All-Over Lotion! The new arrival on Wishtrend that is already receiving so much attention: Supple Preparation All Over Lotion.

Facial Moisturizer vs Body Lotion
So, what defines the border between the facial moisturizer and a body lotion? There are a couple of reasons why facial and body skin are treated with different skincare products and here are some of the reasons why.

1. The skin on our face is more sensitive:
Due to the sebaceous glands and excess sun exposure, the natural exfoliation process takes place faster and more frequently in your face skin when compared to the body skin. This makes your facial skin naturally more sensitive than your body skin which leads to different ingredient requirements for your face and body.
2. The skin on our face is thinner:
Facial skin is usually 0.20mm thick whereas the body skin is 0.60mm thick. The difference in thickness means the difference in time consumed for the product to be absorbed into your skin and to react making the difference between the formula and texture between the facial and body moisturizers.
3. The skin on our body is drier:
It will vary according to different parts of our body, but usually, our body is generally exposed to harsher conditions throughout the day (for example we use our hands every single moment / we wash our hands more than our face / our body is in contact with the clothes every time). That is why body lotions are specially formulated with heavy moisturizing ingredients that would lead to clogging of pores on the facial skin.
4. Body Lotions are usually not tested for comedogenicity
This means that body lotions are usually not tested to see if they cause acne on the face. Body lotions also usually have a lot more fragrance and color than moisturizers for the face. And this again relates to the face that the skin in our body is thicker making body less potent to allergic reactions.

So the conclusion to this is it is safe to use different products for our face and body because not only the formula and the texture is different between two products but more importantly, the ingredients are. Then again, if there is a product that has the perfect balance of the texture, the formula, the ingredient that you won’t have to worry about choosing the parts of your body to apply, won’t you be tempted to get your hands on it?

Two for One: All Over Lotion
If there is a lotion and moisturizer that will be totally safe to use to itsy bitsy every single part of your body, you will not only save time when you are busy or feeling lazy but also remove a bit of a burden of picking up different products every single time for your face and body and a burden of keeping your vanity organized all the time.


Inspired by one of the all-time favorite [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream, Klairs has come up with a brilliant product that will make your life easier.

1. Texture
The [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion is a moisturizing lotion that has a slightly lighter feeling than a soothing cream or should I say less viscous. With the lighter texture, it hydrates your skin without any sticky feeling or heaviness and this helps the process of hydrating your face and body without any burden. The well-balanced texture makes it so easy to apply the lotion to wherever you are in need of hydration.

2. Absorption
Continuing from the light texture, the formula makes the absorption rate of the cream higher. Once you start applying the lotion, you’ll feel that it absorbs into your skin quickly but not too quickly to the point where you feel like you still feel dry or you didn’t apply any product. The texture well and evenly absorbs into your skin and more than anything you’ll find no problem layering the product. How many times you layer the lotion onto dry, flaky and patchy parts of your skin, it absorbs well deep down to the layer of the skin where you really need moisture delivered.

3. Ingredient
The Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion is formulated with mild ingredients for use on the entire body and face, for all skin types. Talking about the main ingredients, they do not differ greatly from the [Klairs] Rich Moist Soothing Cream which is one of the most beloved facial moisturizer on Klairs. Ingredients that took total care of the moisture level of the face from Ceramide, beta-glucan, Hyaluronic Acid and Polyquaternium-10 has been included in the product as well. Those ingredients are not only rich in hydration but also non-irritating that even sensitive skin types will have no problem to use it all over the body.

4. 5 Free
One of the best parts about not only this product but Klairs of course in general, is that it always keeps it’s 5 free system! The All Over Lotion being no exception is of course alcohol-free, fragrance-free, pigment free, paraben free, and cruelty-free. With the 5 free system, all skin types of course including sensitive skin types don’t have to worry about using the product all over from head to toe.

5. All Skin Types Use
The lotion not only creates a strong moisture layer but with the skin emollient factor included in the lotion will immediately turn rough and dry skin into a soft skin. Considering all the factors above, all skin types from dry, oily, combination to acne prone, extremely dry skin and atopy skin types can also benefit from it.

6. All Over Application

Check out the  video on how to immediately hydrate dry areas for face & body using the [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation All Over Lotion

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