The Best Korean Night Routine

The Best Korean Night Routine

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Korean Women are always known to have flawless skin and for the very same reasons Korean Skincare products are ranked among the best in the World. Today we will be talking about the ultimate Korean Night Routine which can bring about a quick transformation of allergy prone skin to graceful and radiant skin.

We will be presenting this information based on inputs, which have been received by a number of ladies in Korea and based on this assertion we will chalk down a routine best suited to getting rid of skin worries and adding a never ending touch of brightness and youth in you.

So Ladies Here we are presenting to you with…

The ideal Korean Night Routine!

There are many steps an individual can take to establish a facial skincare routine. A skincare routine at night is one that is highly recommended only because the time you sleep is the time when the entire body including the skin pores open up and are breathing freely, therefore the application of skincare products at this time has unimaginable and amplified benefits.

Step 1 – Cleanse the Face:

It is highly recommended to start the night routine with a good round of face cleansing (please consider using warm not hot water, which helps in opening skin pores). Some Korean women choose to oil their face before cleansing as it helps to add a natural dose of hydration. Alternatively some ladies simply go in for a facial cleanser which helps remove dirt, dust and other particles which have settled on the skin surface after a day out at work.

Step 2 – Exfoliate:

Well exfoliation is certainly the next step, for this reason we suggest the use of a facial serum. Basically as we know exfoliation is the process in which the skin pores are clear of dead skin cells and sebum. Some ladies choose to exfoliate using a scrub or even just a dry wipe but adding a serum to an exfoliation routine can simply do wonders. The serum seeps deep within skin pores to remove stubborn sebum deposits. Exfoliating forms one of the most important steps to insure a meaningful Korean Night Routine for skin caring.

Step 3 – Toner:

The next step would be the application of a toner which helps to shrink the size of the pore. This will ensure that the pores don’t get clogged once again after a good round of deep pore cleansing.

Step 4 – Moisturizing:

Moisturizing is a process in which skin pores are given a healthy dose of moisture. It is the night cream which will help provide healthy nutrition to facial skin. This final step can also be substituted with an overnight mask. The mask in this cases, serves as an overnight moisturizer. The nutrients within the mask will be absorbed by the skin all night and the process will hugely be uninterrupted as you will be subconscious while sleeping.


It is the combination of the above four steps which will together be classified as a Korean Night Routine. It is advised that if you are an individual do choose to take upon a Korean Skincare Routine, you must choose some of the best products and ones that are certified as safe to use on all types of skin. People unknowingly use skincare products available over the shelf but products high on chemicals can in fact do more harm than any good. We at Wishtrend are committed at providing you any tips and suggestions on improving your skin condition.


Following products are some suggestions we offer as a part of our dedication to help you choose products which are effective, safe and certified.

Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum:

The Best Korean Night Routine

This has been chosen as one of the Best Selling Korean Serum. The product was earlier based on a C20 formulation and has now been upgraded to the C21.5 formulation, which makes the product even more effective. As the name suggests the product contains 21.5% pure Vitamin C and the products works wonders towards restoring skin balance and replenishing skin with adequate amounts of moisture. The C21.5 Advanced Serum is non-sticky in texture and contains no artificial ingredients, which makes it absolutely safe to use on all types of skin. If you are looking for a product which effectively rejuvenates appearance and cleanses skin pores from deep within, then the Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum is what you need.

23 Years Badecasil Day Cream:

The Best Korean Night Routine

The Badecasil Cream is actually formulated to provide problematic skin with natural hydration and exfoliation throughout the day. The product is natural in every aspect and is formulated with cooling herbs which facilitates skin exfoliation. Ingredients such as Spearmint, Peppermint, Apple Mint, Oregano and Lavender wakes up skin to a feeling for freshness. The product can ideally be supplemented as a night cream which would prove equally effective in exfoliating skin which you are asleep. This is one very highly recommended skin care product. The Badecasil cream is very suited for people having skin disorders like redness, acne, blemishes etc.

*Warning! Vitamin C Serums & AHA Products should not be used at the same time. Please alternate between days/nights of use*

Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask:

The Best Korean Night Routine

Now this product is based on a gentle formulation which included more than 65% Rice extract in its overall content. This is an ultimate overnight skincare product which is designed to brighten, nourish and hydrate facial skin while you are asleep. The usage of the product is known to transform even the dullest of skin appearance to skin looking bright and radiant. So if you are looking to pamper your skin while you are talking a beauty nap at night, then the wash off Overnight Nourishing Rice Spa Mask fits your requirement in every aspect of a Korean Night Routine for skincare.


Dear Ladies I have seen a number of women in Korea manage to transform their skin to unimaginable radiance with the use of a simple Night Routine for Skincare. If you are suffering from minor skin ailments and are over burdened with work during the day to find some time for yourself, I would recommend you to dedicate some time for yourself just before bedtime (as this is a time when your daily routine or lifestyle is least affected or not affected at all).


The Best Korean Night Routine

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