The Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin

The Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin

When you have troubled skin, your first instinct is to try to cover it up, right? Nobody wants to have visible blemishes on their skin when they go out, but it can be hard to find the right makeup for acne-prone skin. Many cushions and foundations contain oils and other ingredients that can aggravate your skin and leave your pores even more clogged than before. This post will help you find the best foundation for acne prone skin.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients

When you’re looking for a foundation or BB cream, it’s important to read the label. Typically, products that are suitable for troubled or oily skin will say “non-comedogenic.” Some BB creams will not say it directly, though, so that means you’ll have to do a little investigating on your own when you’re shopping for foundation.

Look for ingredients that will help your skin breathe. Try to avoid products with a lot of silicones and if you struggle with too much shine, try to find makeup that has ingredients like talc to absorb excess oil.

Look For Light Coverage

Even though it might seem better to find a heavy foundation that offers full coverage, that isn’t always what’s best for your skin. Full coverage foundation can end up making your skin look greasy or cakey, which is unnatural and not very attractive.

Instead, go for a BB cream or a more light-coverage cushion. This way, you can build up extra coverage only in the areas you need to, while leaving the rest of your skin looking as natural as possible. This will make your skin look fresh and flawless without looking like you’re wearing a lot of heavy makeup.

Find a Foundation That Works Hard

The best foundation for acne prone skin is one that gives you more benefits than just covering up blemishes. Finding a foundation that can help improve the condition of your skin while also providing coverage for trouble spots is a great option for acne prone skin.

Our staff’s favorite pick for a BB cream that meets all of these criteria is the Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream. It’s a perfect, light-coverage BB that looks like your skin, but better. Plus, this makeup is SPF 40 and PA+++, so it is helping to protect your skin from further UVA and UVB damage, which can contribute to breakouts as well.

The Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin

Klairs is an excellent brand that specifically formulates its products to be suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive, picky, or breakout-prone skin. The Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is also unique because it does not leave the typical greyish cast that many other Korean BB creams do once they have warmed up on your skin. Instead, it blends seamlessly into your natural skin tone and leaves your face with a natural, lively glow. This BB cream is one of the most buildable and breathable formulas we have ever tried, too. One layer is enough for effective coverage of pore problems and most redness, but if you have big breakouts or extra redness, it is very easy to layer without any fear of clumping or looking like you have on lots of makeup.

This cream contains ingredients like betaine, centella asiatica, aloe and chlorphenisin to help calm redness and deliver soothing nourishment to your skin. It also has brightening, anti-inflammatory plant extracts like licorice, grapefruit, and anise. It even has hyaluronic acid to help keep your skin dewy but not greasy.

Tips For Foundation Application

For oily-skinned and acne-prone girls, there are a few tricks to help minimize the risk of causing more breakouts.

First, don’t use your fingers to apply foundation! I know it might be a pain, but even clean hands can transfer acne-causing bacteria to your face. That’s why mothers and grandmothers always say to keep your hands off of your face. There are so many other, more sanitary methods for applying foundation. Try using a rubycell puff or purchasing a package of disposable makeup sponges. You can even use a foundation brush to apply a light, even layer of BB cream.

Second, always wash your brushes. If you’re not using something disposable, it’s important to keep your brushes clean and free of old makeup. You don’t need a separate brush cleaner for this. You can repurpose old cleansers that didn’t work for you or even use gentle baby shampoo. Be sure that you rinse the brushes until the water runs clear!

When you’re shopping for the best foundation for your acne prone skin, keep these tips and suggestions in mind! You’ll have no trouble at all finding the perfect foundation for your skin.


The Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin



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