The Best Face Wash For Oily Skin? Cleanse with Korean Traditional Recipe?

Cleopatra, we all know that she was best known for her outstanding beauty and great skin. The secret to her beauty was beer and milk! She loved to shower and cleanse her face with milk and the BEER! Since there were no advanced skincare products like now, women in the past found beauty solutions from edible products and ingredients. And looking at many of the skincare products now, many ingredient inspiration has been passed down for a long time.

As much as Cleopatra, women in Korea has been praised for their flawless skin and beauty from the past. So, if it was beer for Cleopatra, what was it for Koreans? The secret ingredient that has been passed down to keep clear and radiant skin is (drum rolls) “RICE”! Rice is such a familiar ingredient for all of us that mostly ends up in our belly but would you be surprised if this very familiar, friendly ingredient does wonders to our skin?

Benefits of Rice on the Face

So why was it the most beloved beauty ingredient in Korea? In the past, beauty gurus used to save the rice water after washing the rice before cooking and cleansed their face, body and even their hair using the water. Rice is full of vitamins and minerals, so you can guess what magic it did to the skin. It seems like such a simple and easy-t0-access ingredient but, it does so many goodnesses for the skin. So what can you expect from the ingredient: RICE?

1) Brightening & Hydrating

One of the biggest reason why people love rice on their face! Rice, in fact, is rich in ceramide which is great for skin brightening. Not only that, it contains Vitamins B1, B2 and various minerals which enhance the hydration level on the skin. When you can get brightening and hydrating effect at once, this is when you see a difference in your skin texture and skin tone. Rice will help your skin retain the moisture lost due to external factors and wrong cleansing method.

2) Soothing

An ingredient called starch is also contained in rice! And this is well-known to be highly effective in absorbing moisture. And we all know how much moisture is important for our skin to not only calm skin but also to prevent acne. It helps to soothe the skin with the retained moisture preventing your skin from producing excessive sebum. Also, rice is known to alleviate itchiness and atopic symptoms. We can definitely call it as a cure-all of skin concerns!

3) Anti-Aging

Would it sound like a lie if we tell you that rice also prevents skin from aging? But yes it’s true. Rice also has antioxidant properties which make it effective in preventing aging. Not only that, rice also withholds an ingredient called peptides. Yes, you heard it right! (if you want to learn about what peptides are, click here)

Start Cleansing with Rice?

[SKINMISO] Rice Foam Cleansing


Well, being aware of all the benefits that rice has to offer, there are so many products out there that show off their rice ingredient from toner to sleeping masks. However, like we said earlier, Korean beauty gurus from the past loved CLEANSING their face with rice water. Learn the best from the past right? If there is a chance that you can enjoy all the benefits of rice starting from the very first step of your skincare, how great would that be?

Finding a cleanser that can not only effectively remove makeup and impurities but also double cleanses the pores is easy to find. However, finding a cleanser that can also give you brightening and hydrating effect at once, is hard. Especially, for oily skin types, it’s hard to find the best face wash for oily skin that doesn’t break them out but still hydrates their skin in the freshest way. I mean, what more can you ask for in a cleanser? SKINMISO, well-known for their pore care line, incorporated the rice extract in their cleanser to take great care of your skin from the very first step of the skincare routine.

** See for yourself why people love this cleanser

Article_The Best Face Wash For Oily Skin Cleanse with Korean Traditional Recipe

It removes dead skin cells effectively without losing moisture, turning skin clear and radiant. that is why it is loved as the best face wash for oily skin. One of the important factors that a lot of us consider when choosing a cleanser is, of course, the ph level and the texture of it. The cleanser even meets the criteria of a good cleanser in that sense since it has 6.8 ph level (regarded as low ph in a cleanser) and the bubbles are amazingly bouncy and rich! That is why even sensitive skin types have constantly put their hands on this cleanser.

Smart Tips – DIY Bubble Rice Mask

The best part has yet to come! The best part about a rice cleanser is because of the bouncy and rich cream type foam, you can not only simply use it as a morning and night cleanser, but also as a wash-off bubble rice mask!

All you need to spare is 1 more minute for your better skin!  

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  • [SKINMISO]Rice Foam CleansingUSD19.99
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