The Best Face Mask Trend You Can’t Miss Out On

The Best Face Mask Trend You Can't Miss Out On

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Today we will be discussing Rubber Masks and how its usage has revolutionized skin and facial care treatments. Spas and Clinics in the Republic of Korea have been extensively using facial rubber masks to provide quality facial treatments for many years. Today we will focus on the advantages of using rubber masks and some great recommendations on which products you could choose in order to get the best results towards your facial skin care needs.

What are Rubber Masks?

The rubber mask initially starts off as a powdery substance which upon coming in contact with water begins to thicken. The mix appears like a layer of thick cream or wax which is meant to be applied on ones face. Once this mix is applied to the skins surface and is left to dry, it drys to a rubbery like texture and is peeled off as one complete rubber mask sheet.

What are Modeling Masks?

Modeling masks or Rubber Masks were a Korean Facial Beauty Secret which was used extensively in facial spas across South Korea. In Korea rubber masks are often termed as modeling mask only because of its effectiveness and the instant boost of hydration and nourishment that it provides to ones skin.

Why are Rubber Masks so effective?

The results of using a rubber mask are extremely effective because it sticks to the skin forming a non-reverse-osmosis nutrition providing substance which forcefully injects the skin with ingredients ideally suited to its improvement. The ingredients delivered by the mask are extremely effective in creating a buffer to protect the skin from the harmful effects of nature and pollution. These modeling masks or rubber masks come in many different formals suited towards different skin concerns, making them ideal for everyone to enjoy.

Advantages of Using Rubber Masks:

  • Excellent in Exfoliating
  • Easy and Quick Facial Care Solution
  • Can be used on a day to day basis
  • Not Messy
  • Comes in a number of formulations based on your Skin Requirements
  • Excellent in Hydrating and Rejuvenating Facial Skin

Some of the Best Face Mask’s we recommend:

Aqua Bab Modeling Mask:

The Best Face Mask Trend You Can't Miss Out On

This is the Best Face Mask from the brand known as 23YearsOld, its formulated to be applied on all types of skin. The mask has two designated steps in terms of its usage. One which hydrates and nourishes the skin and the second which penetrates deep within the facial skin to deliver nutrients, thus eliminating skin irritants and deficiencies right from the root. The usage is similar to any rubber mask. You have 2 sachets one with the crystal gel and the other with the powder gel. You need to pour the contents in a bowl and mix it into a paste like solution. Apply on your freshly cleansed face and leave it for approximately 20 minutes. Once removed, you would now find your skin looking more elastic and nourished and full of moisture.

Aside from Rubber Masks,

I’M From Volcanic Mask:

The Best Face Mask Trend You Can't Miss Out On

We also recommend this is one highly loved mask as it contains 8.6% pure Volcanic Clay sourced directly from the Jeju Islands in South Korea. The Product is ideally suited in skin exfoliation and is extremely effective in removing dead and dry skin cells and is also very useful in controlling the build-up of excess sebum and impurities. Another great feature of the product pore care, the usage of the products helps to shrink the size of the pore thus preventing it from getting clogged.

I’M From Honey Mask:

The Best Face Mask Trend You Can't Miss Out On

It may not be a modeling mask, but this is another very strongly recommended product and has also been the Awarded the Best Face Mask for the year 2015, in terms of its sales and acceptance. As the name suggests the product contains honey (38.7%). The I’M Honey Mask is very effective with skin moisturization. Honey as a basic element contains a lot of nourishment; it was even used in Egypt during the Cleo Patra times for facial massages and skin care. Therefore the application of the honey mask leaves the skin filled with a lot of vital nutrients and moisture thus making facial skin appear radiant and young. The product is extremely safe to use on all types of skin. So if you are looking for an all in one product which help with exfoliation, do away with irritation, cleans and soothe facial skin and improve skin elasticity and nourishment the IM’ Honey Mask is exactly what you are looking for.


Hope the above information helps you to understand the advantages of using Rubber Masks / Modeling Masks. The weekly usage of the mask can only do well towards your facial skin, as the benefits using these products are almost spontaneous. So if you are looking to model you skin towards youth, then the inclusion of a Rubber Mask in your weekly skin care routine is a must.

God Bless.


The Best Face Mask Trend You Can't Miss Out On

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