5 Essential Skincare Rules for Teen Facial with Best Skincare Products

We are back with another Wish, Try, Love and as we always do, we are so excited to share what we have worked on! And this time we are here with the perfect solution for our teenagers out there!

Teen Facial: Why is Teen Skincare Important?
So what motivated us to come up with the “Teen Skincare Essentials Box”? It’s because we are fully aware of not only the importance of teen facial and skincare but also how much tough time our teenagers are going through when it comes to finding the right skincare. Why are we especially concerned about teen skincare? It’s because the teen skin becomes more sensitive with the increase in growth hormone, active metabolism and an excess amount of sebum and of course we cannot forget to mention the troubles and acne. If not taken proper and effective care of, teen skin is more prone to trouble and acne marks and pigmentation.

As much as teen skincare is important, a lot of skincare mistakes take place among teenagers due to the overflow of information and misguidance. So we are with not only the best skincare products for teen facial but also along with the 5 essential rules and tips for each step!

5 Essential Rules for Teen Skincare

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1. Cleanse Thoroughly
Of course, we have to start with cleansing and it’s not only for you teenagers but a habit that you should keep in mind for the entire life. Also, it’s applied the same to every teenager from those who wear and does not wear makeup. Make sure to use a cleanser that does not include artificial surfactant but still does it job of removing impurities and dead skin cells.

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*Tip: Rather than using the soap as a whole, cut the soap into 6 pieces so that you won’t have to worry about the soap melting away after contact with water.

2. Exfoliate Mildy for Acne Marks Care
Now exfoliating and this is what will change your life. Exfoliation will not only remove dead skin cells but also will help fade away trouble and acne marks. But remember, your skin has shorter turnover cycle which means if you use a strong and stimulative exfoliator it can irritate and damge your skin’s protective layer. So we recommend you to use a soft gel type exfoliator.

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*Tip:  We recommend using the product every 7-10 days when dead skin or blackheads are noticeable

3. Moisturize with Balance
Enough moisturizing is the next key to healthy and glowing skin not only throughout teenage years but throughout your 20s, 30s, 40s and so on. You have to make sure to choose a moisturizer that can balance your oil and water level of your skin and also hydrate your skin from deep within. Rather than choosing a moisturizer with heavy texture and high oil content, go for a light cream textured mositurizer with great absorption rate.

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*Tip: You can not only use the lotion on your face but also all over your body from hair, lips, body, heels of the feet and anywhere you feel dry.

4. Calming & Soothing at the Same Time
Now it’s time to calm and soothe. Since your skin is more fragile, it means that it is easier to get irritated or damaged to external factors. When your skin has been irritated or turned red due to sun rays, heat or makeup products it’s so important to give the proper calming and soothing care. Use a cream that will not only relieve irritation but also strengthen skin’s barrier.

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*Tip: on those lazy days, mix the blue cream with [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation All Over Lotion in the ratio of 1:1 and apply a nice layer all over your face.

5. SPF is the Key
Now, something that is so important but a lot of you guys miss out on. It is protecting your skin from the sun. Even if you don’t wear makeup never forget to wear sunscreen! This will be the key to protecting your skin from aging quickly. Since there are a lot of sunscreen products out there that are too strong, make sure to look into the ingredients thoroughly and choose a product that is mild but effective.

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*Tip: Apply the sun lotion at least before 15 minutes before sun exposure. Also try applying the sun lotion with a makeup sponge which will not only give UV protection but also work as a makeup base as well.

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