Sunburn Remedies for All Skin Types

Sunburn Remedies for All Skin Types

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are making the most of the summer months, we have this lovely article coming up for you and it focuses on one such thing that we all as individuals have encountered in a lifetime (for sure), yes we are talking of sunburns. As we would solely be emphasizing on sunburns in this topics discussion, we would also be sharing with you some very handy sunburn remedies, which can prove to be a helping hand if you are to face a similar condition at any point of time.

What are Sunburns?

Sunburns can be best described as the skins defensive response, when over exposed to the Ultraviolet rays of the sun. A notable indication of severe sunburns starts from the skin turning severely red.

The Process of Sunburns setting in?

There is naturally no process of getting sunburns, it is only the severity of the sunburns that can be stated. Naturally it is an understood fact that the sunburn will only worsen if overexposed to the sun’s harmful rays without protection. So the factor in the process solely remains the duration.


  • Starts with the skin loosing moisture
  • The First Visible Sign is Redness
  • The next would be the Redness getting severe
  • As the skin looses more and more moisture the blood vessels begin to dilate
  • Inflammation develops on skin
  • The pigmentation as we know is the body’s response to prevent further damage
  • Outer layer of the skin starts peeling

Extreme Cases

  • If left unattended this could develop into boils (extreme cases)
  • If done on a regular routine may lead to the skin getting cancerous (again very extreme)

SOS Sunburn Remedies:

  • If your skin is severely sun burnt please keep it moist by dapping it with cold water. Adding a few cubes of ice will only make it feel better.
  • Avoid the use of soap as soap would make the skin dry and in the process would increase your troubles. Don’t rub your skin with a dry towel or scratch it with your nails you might just end up with a wound or infect the area further more in the process.
  • You can also choose to shower the sunburn area with some cold milk added with a few cubes of ice.
  • Yogurt is another ingredient which is known to facilitate healing of sunburns.
  • Tea is a source of Tannic Acid, therefore teabags soaked in cold water can work wonders towards reducing sunburn paid around the eyes.
  • For pain relief a lot of Doctors suggest a dip in a tub filled with cool water and vinegar or baking soda. This process helps to drastically reduce pain caused by sun burns.
  • If the sunburn remedies from home are not working and the skin condition is getting worse and painful, please waste no time in seeing a Dermatologist.

Now if you are aware that you are going to be out this summer (either on holiday or at the beach) and are going to be under the influence of the sun for longer duration of time, than usual. It would be best advisable to us Sunburn remedies in the form of skin care products. The application of Sunscreen, Moisturizers, Soothing Creams etc can work wonders towards avoiding or at least significantly minimizing the harmful effect the sun can have on your skin.

Our Recommendations

Following are Best Korean Skin Care Products which are ideally suited to protect your skin from the harshness of the sun. The products we recommend are certified and are deemed safe to use on all types of skin.

I’M From Honey Mask – 120g

Sunburn Remedies for All Skin Types

The I’M From Honey Mask contains 38.7% pure honey, which is sourced from the Jiri Werl-peyung Village in Korea. This is a deep moisturizing mask and can help an individual maintain nourished skin even under extreme exposure to heat during the summer months. The use of this product will instantly restore moisture to parched skin which has been overexposed to the sun. The honey mask can also help treat sun burnt skin and extremely dry skin with almost immediate results. As the product is completely natural, it is safe to use on all types of skin.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop – 35ml

Sunburn Remedies for All Skin Types

Vitamin C as we know is the magical chemical which facilitates tissue growth. The Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is a non-irritating formula which helps energize and rejuvenate feeble skin. The use of this product will give the skin the protection it requires under severe weather condition, especially during the summer months. If you are already stressed on how your skin is going to turn up after this summer vacation, use the Vitamin Drops to ensure you skin never loses the nourishment it requires.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream – 50ml

Sunburn Remedies for All Skin Types

My friends this is a very special product which is formulated to provide the skin with long term hydration. It is this very character of the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream that makes it an ideal pick for the summer months or at least while on a summer holiday. The product contains yeast derived Beta Glucan which helps improves the skin natural defenses and the ability to self-repair or heal. The soothing cream helps skin retain moisture in the outer layer. It is this ability of the product that prevents the skin from drying up and turning red when over exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream – 30ml

Sunburn Remedies for All Skin Types

The Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream is perfect for those who have skin irritation and are not able to find a solution for the same with the use of their existing products. Although conventional care does derive satisfactory results in most cases but this product is ideal for those with extremely sensitive skin. This as the name suggests is a Midnight Cream and it usage would help keep skin calm and irritation free if used on a regular basis. If we specifically have a look at the summer months, which cause the skin to get dry and dull or even irritation prone due to overexposure to the sun. A night therapy of this cream would definitely help improve the ability of skin to combat extreme weather and also remain healthy at the same time.


Dear Friends don’t let the summer demonize you, instead develop a skincare routine and let the summer season and that summer vacation you planning be the fun and joy you really looking for.

Lots of Love


Sunburn Remedies for All Skin Types

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