Sunless Summer Skin Care Tip, Part 1: Vitamin Skin Care

How to Beautifully Survive the Summer
The reasons that you have to use vitamin skin care cosmetic products


2013 Summer Skin care Essentials: Vitamin Care

“It’s summer time: skin care alert is on thanks to strong UV lights! Let’s find out how you can keep your gorgeous skin even more beautiful with vitamin skincare products and careful sun-block usage. 

Taking multi-vitamins daily, already? It’s NOT ENOUGH for you to see differences on your skin! Apply Vitamin C & E skincare formula every day & night for BRIGHTER, CLEARER, EVEN MORE RADIANT SKIN that you always wish. Take a look at the recommended products for the ones like you, the newbie for vitamin skin care.”

  • Beauty Alerts ON Due to Strong Sun Lights!

Summer-time beauty attention factor #1 is, without a doubt, the high UV level: appearance of unwanted dark spots, higher risks for melanoma, sun damages/sun burns, and eventually faster aging of skin cells are the results of it. Regardless of skin colors or nations where you live, the importance of sun-protective skincare regimen has been spotlighted recently. Especially, as a light-brown-skinned Asian – I’d say it’s Caramel-Frappuccino-like, LoL –, my personal longtime wish for brightly radiant complexion has never stopped. Plus, as a cosmetic brand manager, many of my friends are often questioning me how to REMOVE or fade out their dark spots or sun-light-driven pigmentation. Yes, there must be several secrets to get fairer & healthier skin without heavily costing special treatments.

  • Vitamin C & E : the summer time essentials

Among various tips for effective sun-block skin care tips, I’d like to talk about vitamin skin care cosmetic products today. According to various researches, the easy answer of sun damage prevention/care on skin is “Vitamins.”

Among hundreds of different nutrients we are aware of, vitamin C & E are especially effective to fight against darkening / melanin spots / pigmentations. Probably, everybody knows well that vitamin C is good for beauty as well as our general health. But then, how about vitamin E? Vitamin E plays a key role when it comes to photo-aging prevention. It’s an essential base for UV cutting and soothes the skin against chemical irritation or side reactions between skin and sun-block products. Although, later on the next post, I will talk about the two different sun block mechanisms – physical and chemical sun block system, the usage of sun protective products can result irritating reactions on skin. So using vitamin E products along with sun blocks can be a perfect match to maximize the effect of sun protectors. Another big surprise is that popular as antioxidants, vitamin C & E work better together actually than each does alone: they block damages caused by free-radicals — DNA damaging substances –, and prevent aging from sun light exposures, as well as increase the wound-healing rate of our body and skin layer.

  • Supplements VS. Cosmetics ?!?!!

Vtiamin Skin care Sample ImageIs it enough to consume supplement pills every day to see the differences on skin? I’d say it’s better to apply vitamin skin care products containing vitamin C, or ascorbic acid / ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, and vitamin E, or tocopheryl acetate / tocopherols, if your goal is to get more beautiful skin. And our body has limits on the maximum amount to take in from oral supplements – Yeah, it’s all case by case, meaning there’s no absolute rule for everybody on how much to take daily. The two are both good at protecting the skin from outer pollutants/damaging substances, as well as curing the post-damages. Plus, one interesting tip for you here is that vitamins with other minerals’ help show better results on skin and body. Minerals like copper, manganese and selenium can boost up the skin protective effects of vitamin C & E. 

  • IN & OUT Solutions for Healthier Summer Skin: Prevent, Care, and Cut!

Talking about sun”LESS” beauty care tips, we should understand both IN and OUT skin protection from sun damage.

  1.  INSIDE Solutions

1st Step: Prevent excessive or abnormal melanin production
Natural melanin production can be boosted from excess sun light exposure. That leads abnormal dark spots on your face or body and can later develop into skin cancer in worst scenario. Thus, control melanin production chain with vitamin C products beforehand. It will ensure you to have even-shaded skin tone – it’s not just about whitening the skin tone… it’s more about making your face look evenly beautiful. 

2nd Step: Take a special care of existing dark spots in order not to worsen the problematic conditions
After controlling the normal melanin cycle to prohibit newly generated dark spots, the next step is to slow the already made spots’ further growth or block further spread of the darkening shades. Thus, the first step is always prevention/protection before getting any harms and then take a care of damaged areas.

Bleaching out the specific areas and deeply moisturizing by applying light textured vitamin E formula frequently can be the secret methods. Hydrating the skin carefully is always the key to get healthy, beautiful look. Not only moisten the skin cells effectively, but Vitamin E can also reduce sun damages when you get exposed to the direct sun lights.

     2. OUTSIDE Solution

3rd Step: Cut UV rays by all means
Now, your skin is well ready inside: it knows how to equalize the melanin generation and also best fights against the further development of existing problematic spots. But be sure that you do not provide unnecessary sun lights. UV rays are very strong risk factor of the health of skin cells. The sun lights are necessary for us to generate vitamin D which helps calcium consumption and utilization in body system, but excessive exposure is one thing you have to avoid for beautiful, healthy life.

Wear sun screen everyday regardless of the seasons, and extra protect vulnerable areas like eye zone, lips and neck area with sun glasses, a sun protective lip balm, and fashion items like hats, scarves, gloves, and so many other fabulous thingy!

Yes, always be protective and cut the harmful environment getting into your skin. Vitamins can be your good skin care partner for well protected inside beauty! 

My Secret Weapons – SKIN&LAB Vitamin Creams and fre-C SUN PROTECTOR

Now I can say it’s a huge MISS to think about the best sun guard regimen without vitamin skin care cosmetics containing C&E ingredients!! Are you a newbie for vitamin skin care? Don’t worry ! I’ll give you a little guidance here that you can easily try first. The below are my recommendations for you: SKIN&LAB’s Dr. Vita Clinic Products – their price range is reasonable and the results are satisfying enough. Bon voyage for beautiful look of you this summer!! 


1.    SKIN&LAB Dr. Vita Clinic “ C plus Brightening “

Vitamin C Facial Cream, 30ml / USD$

Vitamin C Cream is in gel-like light texture, so you can enjoy it even in hot hot summer time! Very fresh scent and formula itself, this cream is always in my skincare regimen right after my serum use. 

2.    SKIN&LAB Dr. Vita Clinic “ E plus Moisturizing “

Vitamin E Facial Cream, 30ml / USD$

Vitamin E Cream is in non-sticky-but-deeply-hydrating texture. Hard to imagine, right? It’s a perfect base cream for your BB cream or Foundations and also before Sun Block Products. With herbal scents and mid-rich formula, this cream is also a good choice for neck and elbow areas where you can find lines and roughness or signs of aging. Can be also used partially where needed only. 

3.    SKIN&LAB Dr. Vita Clinic “ fre-C SUN PROTECTOR “

Broad Spectrum Sun Screen with Vitamin C & E, 50ml / USD$

This sun protector contains concentrated vitamin C and E as well as it protects your skin from both UVA/UVB: SPF 50+ and PA+++. As I stressed a lot in the above, vitamin C and E are good to use together with sun screens. That’s why SKIN&LAB developed this product for easier and comfy use of sun block cream with the help of vitamins!! 

No cakey look & no irritation I have when using this sun protector – that’s actually the strongest reason why I choose this for my daily sun screen personally. 

Hope you all will get an idea of your summer skin care routine inspired from this article! Will talk about the appropriate sun screen usage on the upcoming post. Stay tuned and have WONDERFUL sunny days!

Xoxo, Eunielle

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