Summer Oily Skin Routine for Glowing Skin

Summer Oily Skin Routine for Glowing Skin

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It’s Bronwyn here today to guide you on a simple way to get control over your oily skin so you can feel fresh this summer! Taking care of oily skin is very important as many of us have grown up being told that we need to remove the oils and dry out our skin so that it is no longer greasy skin. However that is actually very false and many dermatologist will agree that you should never strip your skin of its natural oils, as that is not necessarily the cause for your oily skin.

So today, I will be sharing the perfect skincare for a summer oily skin routine. Not only will this oily skin routine be good for summer, but good all year round for anyone who suffers from oily skin, no matter what your age is!

Oily Skin Symptoms

Having an oily skin type is pretty self explanatory and many can figure it out without actually having to google it. But I will lay out some of the symptoms just incase!

  • Skin becomes greasy & shinny not long after cleansing
  • Skin is shiny all over face throughout the day
  • Skin is oily all over, not just in areas
  • Pores look very large
  • Makeup does not last throughout the day

If you feel like any of the above symptoms match how you feel about your skin, then you most likely have an oily skin type. Oily skin type can be annoying and difficult to deal with especially if you have oily and acne prone skin. Having both of these is extremely common which is why it is important you take care of your skin properly to control oil and restore balance to your skin, thus preventing acne breakouts.

Do I need to Use Skincare?

As we grow up in western society, we commonly are shown advertisements for products that dry out our skin to remove oil, but this is something you really shouldn’t be doing. For example, if you are going to use a foam cleanser to remove oil from your skin, then you also need to restore hydration by using additional products after cleansing. You MUST NOT only use harsh drying cleansers as these strip the skin of all nutrients which in turn, make you skin feel the need to produce more oils to restore what was lost during the cleansing.

So, you actually will be making your skin more oily and greasy by only cleansing without using an oily skin routine after.

This is something advertisement wont tell you on TV, but your dermatologist will. So whats the key to getting rid of oil and acne prone skin? it really is very simple, and that is to use hydrating skincare!

The Oily Skin Routine

If you have oily skin, you generally can use any foaming cleanser you want, but the key to managing oily skin is having an oily skin routine for after you cleanse. In this routine, it is important you use hydrating skincare to balance out your skin. Adding hydration to your skin actually tricks you skin into thinking it has produced enough oils naturally, thus you skin becomes less oily. Of course diet changes and life style changes are also important such as regular physical activity, and cutting oily foods and foods high in fat from your diet.

But today we are focusing on the best all season and summer oily skin routine to get keep your skin fresh!

After cleansing:

1. Tighten pores and hydrate with Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Summer Oily Skin Routine for Glowing Skin

This toners works to tighten pores with calming and natural ingredients without stripping the skin of essential nutrients. Plus it deeply hydrates the skin, keeping it healthy and strong while controlling oil products and skin dehydration. Keeping pores minimal and breakouts under control.

2. Illumination & Health with Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

Summer Oily Skin Routine for Glowing Skin

This light weight & hydrating vitamin c antioxidant serum evens out the skin tone for a more luminous and glowing appearance. Making any skin type looks its best, fading post acne scars all while ridding the skin of free radicals which can cause pre mature skin aging. It’s gentle and light weight formula make it ideal for all skin types, including oily and acne prone skin.

3. Calm & Hydrate with I’m From Vitamin Tree Water Gel

Summer Oily Skin Routine for Glowing Skin

This natural gel moisturizer is the ultimate product for those who suffer with oily skin and acne prone skin. It deeply delivers intense hydration into the skin, balancing out oils, allowing your skin to become normal and radiant at the same time. It formula is packed with vitamins to help keep your skin healthy all summer and year long!

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Summer Oily Skin Routine for Glowing Skin

I hope that this article could be helpful to anyone who is suffering from oil skin, especially during the hot summer season. Remember, oily skin can be kept under control if you treat it right.


Summer Oily Skin Routine for Glowing Skin

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