Starting Anti-Aging | The Best Anti Aging Serum

Starting Anti-Aging | The Best Anti Aging Serum

Hello People,

How are you all, today we are going to discuss on one of the most dreadful aspects of our lives. That is ageing, to be honest ageing it not a bad thing but we must age naturally and it should not be pre-mature. Our message today will focus on the why skin starts ageing early and the steps you can adopt in order to arrest the pre-mature ageing process.

Are you ageing normally?

Basically your appearance in terms of your age is an uncanny combination of lifestyle, nature and genetics. Some people are genetically prone to age faster and alternatively some people are blesses with the grace of youth. Certain groups of people have genetically younger skin as compared to their real age. African-American’s are known to dawn a younger texture in comparison to their real age.

Different Skin Textures:

  • Plump and Smooth – Young Skin as it is fuller and does not sag
  • Dry Skin – It is a skin type that shows signs of ageing and skin pores are full of dead dry skin cells, which tend to wrinkle.
  • Dry in Some Patches / Mostly smooth – Comes in the healthy category requiring care to the dryness affected patches only.
  • Extra Dry and Saggy Skin – Very unhealthy skin and the skin sagging is caused by the excessive stretching of the skin pores.
  • ACNE prone Skin – Another example of unhealthy skin, whose effects make you look elder and unhygienic.

When does Skin Ageing begin?


As the saying goes teen age is the first time one’s body and facial skin experiences change. As there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body one would see ACNE effects such as pimples and enhanced production of oil and sebum from the skin naturally. As this age begins our journey towards a hectic life and complete change in lifestyle, therefore using the best anti ageing serum and hydrating moisturizer would keep skin pores clean and signs of ageing and ACNE in check.


The 20’s sees a time when the skin actually starts to settle down, although oil and sebum production will still remain at accelerated levels. It would be a good idea to adopt a regular skin care routine to keep effects of ageing at length.


Believe it or not, in the 30’s you are just about to take your first step into the natural skin ageing process. Therefore maintaining a healthy diet and would provide the skin with nutrients it essentially needs as a supplement. Elastin is protein which is forud within the skin cells. When you enter the 30’s you take your first step towards the elastin protein brake down, thus the skin appearing stretchy and elongated. Replenishing the skin with nutrients is essential in addition to taking regular and timely care of your skin externally.


The 40’s are also an interesting time to be in, this is the first time when you visibly see age and its effects on the skin. This is if you have really not taken care of your skin and have maintained anything but a healthy lifestyle. Lines around the eyes and the appearance of furrow like groves are the clear indication of skin ageing. The only way you can delay the process of skin ageing in the 40’s is look after your skin regularly and avoid lifestyle hampering a healthy living in your hay days. Maintaining a regular skin care routine staring in your teenage years can significantly delay you skin ageing process which tends to pick up in your 40’s.

50’s and 60’s:

You need to accept you are no longer a teenager, neither young and the only option would be to constantly keep your skin in check. Just prevent skin from the regular dryness & ACNE is what you would need to do.

Now how do we look after our skin?

The answer is simple, maintain a daily skin care routine. I have time and again suggested giving 15 minutes to your skin each in the morning and the evening. That is all it requires for you to achieve a clear appearance. A daily cleaning of your skin with the best anti ageing serum, toner etc would definitely keep the primary element in the name of SEBUM (a mixture of dirt, dry skin, oil and impurities) under check.

As the saying goes “a stick in time saves nine” similarly taking care of your skin in your younger years will save you from pre-mature ageing, you might delay the process of skin ageing if combined a skin care routine with a healthy lifestyle.

Now we would recommend you some products which would be very helpful when it comes to keeping the effects of ageing at an arm’s length. The products are safe to use on all skin types and are certified by product safety authorities.

ByWishtrend Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum:

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This is the best anti ageing serum from Wishtrend. The product is absolutely safe to use and is based on a non-stick formulation. The serum contains 21.5% of pure Vitamin C, which is ideally suited to the betterment of one’s facial skin. The product intensifies the skin absorption process and improves the skins radiance by making it appear hydrated and bright. The C21.5 Advanced Serum is very effective in skin whitening and was voted the as the Best Serum Based product in the year 2015. The product is the ideally suited to provide the natural nourishment your facial skin needs. The results of this product in terms of anti-ageing can be seen in as less as 5 days of its usage.

C20 Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask:


Starting Anti-Aging | The Best Anti Aging Serum


The C20 Natural Vitamin Mask is made up of 11% Vitamin C and 10.5% Vitamin E and is an ultimate choice for someone looking for a skin nourishment face mask. The product is very helpful in terms of skin whitening, soothing, moisturizing and anti-ageing. The C20 mask contains Vitamin C extracted from Hippophae rhamonides which improves the absorption ability of the skin by 1/3. Finally the product is very safe to use, is suited to all types of skin and can improve on skin elasticity very swiftly.


Dear Friends the above information will really help you understand how skin ageing works. Hormonal changes cause a lot of damage to the skin and how neglect and unhealthy living habits can make our outward appearance look older than what it really should be. So incorporating a daily skin care routine can help you look younger and delay the effects of ageing significantly.


Starting Anti-Aging | The Best Anti Aging Serum


  • [BY WISHTREND]Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced SerumUSD29.99
  • [BY WISHTREND]Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet MaskUSD0.00 -> USD2.50
  • [BY WISHTREND]2 Step Vitamin Enhancing SetUSD44.49 -> USD37.82
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