Special Honey Recipes for Beauty.

Let me introduce you to the secret tips and honey recipes using all of the honey products! ^.~

7 honey beauty tricks

Honey Beauty Tricks

1. Emergency trouble prescription! If u put honey mask pack that has natural antibacterial ingredient in it for about 10-15 minutes on your pimple, then it will calm down easily.
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2. Hair pack for damaged hair! 2 spoons of honey pack, 1 spoon of honey oil, n mix them together and put it on the bottom of your hair where it’s the most damaged and leave it for 20-30 minutes then rinse it off and u will feel that your dry, damaged hair has become shiny and soft.
3. Lip scrub for smooth and soft lips! Use honey pack and black sugar scrub on the ratio of 1:1 and mix it together for your dry lips. Rub on to your lips for about 5 minutes and then rinse off and without any irritation, it will leave u with soft and moisturized lips.
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4. For safe shaving & hair removal! Make bubbles with charcoal soap that has large amounts of black sugar and glycerin and add honey pack with it at the ratio of 2:1, 2 being honey pack and 1 being the bubbles. Mix it together and put it on the area u want to shave, and u can prevent your skin from stinging or tightening.

The Ideal Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Routine
5. To make healthy and smooth nails! Honey pack helps to make your nails stronger and removes the cuticles. If u are a nail art or polish lover, then you nails r probably really damaged and super dry from all the nail polishes. If u put honey pack on your nails and cuticles, then it will help to moisturize them and it prevents your nails and skin around your nails from chipping off. And then to finish off u can put a little bit of the honey oil on your cuticles.
6. Relives your dark circles! For about twice a week, if u mix 1 spoon of honey pack and 1-2 drops of honey oil and mix it together and put it on the area near your eyes for 20 minutes then rinse off, your dark circles will improve.
7. For extremely dry skin, there is a moisture solution! Get honey oil and soothing serum at the ratio of 1:2 and mix. Or u can use oil and honey cream at the ratio of 1:3 and mix, and your extremely dry skin that always felt so tight and dry will feel rich of moisture. Another tip is if you put on all your skin care products and at the last step, if you drop about 3 drops of the oil and rub your palms together for some heat and cover your face with your palms then it will leave the moisture on your face to last longer.



Korean Dewy Skin Makeup Tutorial

Lastly! Let me introduce you to the tutorial of honey makeup that I had on the video for the Korean Dewy Skin Makeup^.~(My honey recipe WoOhoOo)

  1. We need your skin to be rich in moisture so after cleansing, put on HONEY OIL first, and wipe your face with TONER & cotton puff. Then you could make your skin good balanced for oil & moisture.
  2. Put HONEY CREAM on your skin and with the heat of your palms, let it soak deeply into your skin and then put on SUN SCREEN to finish your skin care steps.
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  3. With your BB CREAM or foundation, drop about 2 drops of the HONEY OIL and mix it together, with a brush or a sponge, put it on your face.
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  4. An important point of honey skin is that u have clear skin without any blemishes, so use Klairs Concealer to hide your blemishes and scars.
  5. The parts that u put the concealer, with the leftover BB cream on the sponge, dab it lightly and u are finished!

If you wanna try those HONEY products I used for this honey beauty tricks, please check this special honey recipe!
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I hope that those of u who want to experience the special honey recipe will check out the links and please feel free to leave us comments anytime! Thank u guys and I hope that as in love as I am with “Honey” these days, I hope that u guys will fall in love and see greater results also^.~

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!