SkinCare Tips for Hot & Humid Summer Time

Did you know we should give different skin care whenever the weather changes?

Let me tell you some skincare tips for summer.

Hello, everyone. This is Yujin here. How is the weather in your country? The monsoon season started in Korea. The news reported that this year’s monsoon is starting a little earlier and is going to continue on for longer than last year! This is not the news I was hoping to hear because I hate rain. BUT if this is what needs to happen before lovely sunny days I will take it but smartly. 

Did you know our skin condition changes in response to the weather? If you didn’t know, then YES, it does, Also, you have to give different skin care whenever the weather changes. Otherwise, you will end up having so many troubles with your skin. Enjoy it, if it’s unavoidable!! Let me tell you how to make your skin like babies during monsoon season or  hot & humid summer season. Here we go! 

Skin Care Tip No. 1

Keep your skin clean for summber skin care

Out of everything, keeping your skin clean is No.1. It gets very humid during summer time, especial in KOREA!  Some people think that humidity makes skin moisturized. But that’s just a biiiiiiiig mistake. When humidity level goes up, dust in the air sticks to your skin and your warm skin is a good condition for germs (bacteria) to reproduce. Plus, due to high temperature it is hard to control sebum which will lead to get skin troubles.

To avoid this situation

1)    Wash your hands before cleansing your face
2)    Use warm water first to open pores
3)    And to close pores finish with cold water!

While cleansing, using a pore brush or a sponge will help deep clean your pores and skin.

Skin Care Tip No. 2 

Sun protector as summer skin care tips

I didn’t know how important sun protector is till 17. All I wanted was freckles on my cheek like some white people!!! Silly me. I’m sure, you all know that sun protector is needed for 365 days, right? 

We normally forget to apply sun protector during cloudy days. BUT, apparently more sun protection is needed when sun is hidden by clouds. Even if there is no strong sun light, 80 % of UV rays attacks skin. You won’t see much difference now but skin damage by UV rays will speed up aging. If you want to look younger for longer don’t just apply eye creams but also Sun protector. Apply thumb size of sun protector everyday, 365 days whether it’s sunny or not!  Don’t forget! 

Skin Care Tip No. 3

Moisturization, skin care tips no 3

Do you think your skin is moisturized because it’s humid? No. no. no. big NO. That’s just dirty oil on your face making you look moisturized. Our skin looks healthy when it’s moisture level and oil level is balanced. But because of high temperature, oil level increases while moisture level decreases, which means high sebum secretion and that causes troubles. Make sure you apply a light form of moisturizer, also drinking lots of water helps. 

Skin Care Tip No. 4

Sleeping, Skin care tips no 4

As much as I love summer I love sleeping too! Sleeping is very important to maintain physical and mental health, it’s also vital for the skin. Try to avoid overworking and sleep around 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. That will help hasten skin reproduction. You know that sleeping during this time helps you to grow taller too? Sleeping a little earlier can help you to become a Skin beauty queen. 

So easy, right? Just changing a few habits and these can lead you to having healthy, glowing, baby skin! 

Good luck! And talk to you soon
Xoxo Yujin 


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