Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

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Today we discuss on the different skin types and the Best Skincare Products you should use depending on your skin texture. As we all know the human skin differs from person to person. Therefore while caring for our skin one must ensure that we use the right product which full fills the requirement of our differing skin needs. Well to be honest, there are a lot of generic products which are suited to all skin types but for instance someone with sensitive skin can do a lot of harm to themselves by using an incorrect product. Let’s now have a look at this argument on a differentiation scale. Let’s compare an individual with oily skin and the other with dry skin. A person with oily skin will have to use a pore cleansing product in addition to a product that keeps skin just about sufficiently hydrated. Alternatively an individual will dry skin will need to sufficiently moisturize their skin to get rid of the dryness.

Now let’s have a Close Look at the Different Skin Types:

Normal Skin:

This is the Ideal Skin Type everyone is looking for. This skin texture is neither too oily nor too dry, in addition to this the complexion or the appearance of the skin is radiant and it has little or no visible ailments, pores or a feeling of sensitivity.

Dry / Aging Skin:

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

As the name suggests this skin type appears dry. This skin type generally is dull, red and rash prone in appearance and has little or no visible pores. The skin is rigid and lacks elasticity and if left untreated it can easily rip or crack. Factors such as neglect, weather, ageing, genes, UV Rays etc can be identified as some of the causes.

Oily Skin:

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

This is exactly the opposite of Dry skin; this skin type appears shiny and greasy. In addition to this people with oily skin generally suffer from ACNE and have visible whiteheads or blackheads in general thus expanding the skin pores to its fullest.

Combination Skin:

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

This is ideally the most commonly found skin type. As people with this skin texture have dry and oily skin on different parts of their body. People with this skin type find their nose, forehead and face largely oil producing and the rest of their body such as the knees, elbows, hands and feet experiencing dryness.

Sensitive Skin:

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

When people say they have sensitive skin means, a skin which behaves abnormal when it comes into contact with an unfriendly product. People with sensitive skin feel pain, a burning sensation or a feeling of discomfort when made to freely available skin care products. In some cases even a strong sent can may trigger a severe redness and swelling, so people with this skin type need to use an extremely safe and natural skin care product.

Acne Prone Skin:

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

This is skin which is affected with allergy. The process begins with the accumulation of oil and the clogging of skin pores. The clogged pore then leads to the formation of a black or a white patch which is referred to respectively as a blackhead or whitehead. Finally when this condition is left untreated, the accumulation creates an oily bubble we refer to as a pimple (ACNE).

So much for the different skin types, now comes the interesting part; now find some of the Best Skincare Products classified as per the type of skin texture they are best suited to treat:

Klairs – Moist Glow Kit / Suited to All Skin Types / Normal Skin Type

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

This kit comes with 3 products in one pack, which consists of a Toner, Face Mask and Vitamin Drop ideally suited to nurture the skin. People with normal skin are blessed with a flawless appearance but in order to remain blessed caring for your skin from time to time you always insure your skin remains healthy. The product usage starts with the usage of a Toner which cleans the skin pores from deep within thus preventing the buildup of sebum. Next the facial mask would insure sufficient hydration to the skin and make sure that the facial skin is moisturized. Finally the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop would serve as a multi solution product eliminating any signs of irritation caused by pollution or nature. So a timely routing of skin care would ensure that the radiance always remains.

Cosrx – Skinmiso Pore Master Kit / Suited to the Oily Skin Type

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

The product consists of a Pore Corset Serum which is specially designed to clean skin pores. The use of this product would ensure healthy oil retention within the skin and it would also do wonders to shrink the pore size to make the skin look young and energetic. The next product in this kit comprises of the Cosrx Skin treatment toner which is extremely helpful with skin exfoliation and is formulated to rejuvenate and enrich the skin. The Cosrx toner comes with a Natural Embo Cotton Puffs which make the application process more even and pure. Finally an integral part of this kit is a Skinmiso Pore Zero Night Cream which reverses the effects of ageing and helps to significantly shrink the skin pore size. This is night cream and is to be applied just before bed time.

Cosrx AHA/BHA Skin Care Kit – Suited to a Combination Skin Texture

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

The above set is by far among the best skincare products an individual could find for a combination skin type. The Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Skin Treatment Toner is a very effective skin toner which helps rejuvenate and exfoliate facial skin, which helps reduce the stickiness which comes with the accumulation of oil or sebum. Another product which forms a part of the kit is the Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream which refreshes the skin and helps maintain an adequate moisture balance. Finally the Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence is a product containing 4,000 PPM of Sodium Hyaluronate which is extremely effective in the overall nourishment of the skin. This kit also contains the Natural Embo Cotton Puffs to assist in the application process.

Elishacoy Keep Youth Kit / For Dry and Ageing Skin

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

This kit is ideally suited to damage repair. Dry skin often tends to crack and makes you looking older than your normal self. The Elishacoy Youth Kit is the solution to combat age and its effects on facial skin. The kit consists of 3 products: Skin Repairing Snail Essence, Skin Repair Snail Cream and a Snail Hydrogel Mask. As the name suggests all of the above products are made from snail slime which is known as a natural solution to repair dry and dead skin to reduce the signs of ageing. This kit would give you just that remedy in a triple dosage which would help you treat damaged skin by forming a protective shield for the future.

Skin Strengthening Kit  / For Sensitive Skin

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

The products in this kit are ideally suited to protect the skin from the harmful effects or the sun’s rays or ultra violet rays. The kit contains a Klairs Moist Soothing Mask which contains half a bottle of soothing essence. The mast is formulated to replenish the skin with adequate amounts of moisture, thus keeping the skin hydrated even against exposure to the UV Rays. Next you would find the Pongdang Water Jelly Aloe Essence which is ideally suited to replenish the skin with moisture by forming a protective layer around the skin. Finally the I’M From Vitamin Tree Watergel is a product rich in Vitamins and is produced from Vitamin Leaves Directly Supplied from the Byeong-Pung Village in the Teabaek Mountains (Republic of Korea). This is a very natural product and its usage is very safe. The above kit contains products which are formulated to nurture the sensitive skin type.

Midnight Miracle Kit – For Acne Prone Skin

Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products

The midnight miracle kit consists of 4 products which have proven results. The kit contains a toner from Klairs which is ranked as the number 1 toner from Glowpick. The toner helps to enhance the absorption of skin nutrients thus hydrating and rejuvenating skin in the process. Another interesting product is the Red Serum from Skin&Lab which helps revitalizing skin and enhancing the overall protection of the skin. The kit also comes with a Foam Cleanser (Pergillus) and a Badecasil Cream which enhances beauty and is termed as a night care moisture drink for the skin.

So people hope the above information helps you identify you specific skin type and understand the methodology required to care for the same. The products we recommend are ranked among the best skincare products which are safe to use and are known to have healthy skin benefits varying as per different skin textures.


Skin Types & The Best Skincare Products


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