With the arrival of spring, not only do we need to change our wardrobe to match the temperatures of the warmer weather, but we also need to refresh our supply of skincare products to match the changes of our skin. During the winter our skin tends to become dry and this affects even those with oily skin. The use of heavy creams and thick moisturizers may have kept our skin supple and nourished during the brutal months of winter, but with the increase of warmer temperatures its better to invest in skincare products that are light and gentle in consistency, yet still effective in delivering a high concentration of nutrients.

Marilyn Monroe had once said, diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Nowadays gems, stones, and other raw minerals are being used not only as accessories and adornments, but also as vital ingredients in skincare products. This branch of practice has been around for several decades and is most commonly known as, mineral skincare. Minerals have proven to be quite beneficial in providing a cure for an array of skin maladies. Minerals within a product can function in one of two ways. First, they can act as a natural anti-bacterial in promoting micro-circulation and clarity while also enhancing the effects of other ingredients within the same product. Secondly, they can act as semi-conductors that help increase cellular activity to regulate the skin repair process.

The most popular mineral that is currently being used in skincare products worldwide is gold. Gold can optimize cellular repair by increasing blood flow and has the ability to restore elasticity in skin tissues. With a combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, a 24K pure gold facial can cost around 300$! However, true lovers of the “gold rush” may not mind the extra costs, because they truly feel a difference in their skin after the gold treatment. Wishtrend carries an array of skincare products and gold is no exception. Here is the list of some affordable and high quality gold skincare products that can help skin renewal for spring!


ELISHACOY 24K Gold Luxury First Serum

Every beauty conscious lady should know not to underestimate the power of serums! As part of the first step in any skincare routine, serums deliver an abundance of moisture and repair deep down into the skin. Serums can serve as the perfect base, because they can improve the effects of other moisturizers that are applied on top of it. Made from natural ingredients such as, ginseng, caviar, tomato callous, royal jelly, and mother chrysanthemum callus extract, one bottle of the ELISHACOY 24K Gold Luxury First Serum promises to increase the elasticity of your skin, while providing an abundance of hydration. The 24K gold minerals acts as semi-conductors by regulating the circulation of blood flow in the area of your skin. Through prolonged use, the serum will help brighten the skin and smooth its surface texture.


ELISHACOY 24K Gold Mineral Essence + Gold Mineral Cream

When it comes to selecting a moisturizer for spring, the process can prove to be quite a challenge. As mentioned before, with the increase in temperatures an ideal moisturizer is one that is light yet still powerful. The ELISHACOY 24K Gold Mineral Essence is light in texture, but packs a powerful punch with its high quality ingredients. The essence can be easily absorbed into the skin, as it is easily applied onto the skin. Gold has a high degree of bio-availability (rate of absorption) and is connected with the electrons in skin cells. Once gold activates these ions, a cellular connection is formed creating an immediate effect. The Gold Mineral Cream is known for its unique base and texture as a non-stick formula that is light and dense for immediate absorption into the skin. This total care package provides great nourishment to the skin by, supplying ample moisture, correcting skin tone, relaxing skin tissues, restoring elastin, slowing down skin aging, and withering/brightening of skin.


ELISHACOY Caviar & Gold Mask

The ELISHACOY Caviar & Gold Mask packs up to 23grams of essence that is equivalent to one bottle of serum. This mask is the compact choice to carry with you especially when you’re traveling in the spring. For a complete body care treatment, the leftover essence from this mask may be used on the neck, arms, and legs as well. With gold’s ability to restore the elasticity of tissues and slow the pace of collagen depletion, the ELISHACOY Caviar & Gold Mask can help prevent sagging skin by leaving a firming and tightening effect. Caviar extract can speed up the production of collagen by up to 67% and hosts an array of vitamins such as, A, D, B1, B2, B6, and other micro-elements.          

Sometimes the causes of skin ailments may not be from external environmental conditions, but from internal conditions that happen at the root of our skin. In order for us to amend these ailments internally, we must invest in products with ingredients that are strong enough to penetrate deep down into the skin. Mineral skincare products provide a more natural approach to curing the skin that is gentle, yet effective. Body glitter was once a popular old school beauty trend, and now gold is bringing it back with a more luxurious touch! ;)




  • [ELISHACOY](END/160620) 24K Gold Luxury First SerumUSD42.99
  • [ELISHACOY](END/160422) 24K Gold Mineral Essence + 24K Gold Mineral CreamUSD79.40 -> USD71.46
  • [ELISHACOY](END/160321) Caviar & Gold Mask SheetUSD0.00 -> USD9.95
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