Skin Care Solution for ‘Oily yet Dehydrated skin’

oily yet dehydrated
Hello, Sweeties.
I know that most of you guys have complicated skin concern like the oily but dehydrated skin with sensitiveness. If you have a skin problem, there might be at least 2 more problems caused by the first problem. For example, If you have large pores, They may actively work and make sebum and oils on your face and your face will be oily. And those excess sebum and oils will block your pores and firm up, it causes skin troubles and breakouts.
Like this, it is likely that several skin problems occur at the same time. In this case, It is important to care with the right product for each problem.
Check the proper solution with selected products for caring your problems. :)

Skin Care Routine for ‘Oily yet Dehydrated skin’

‘Oily skin’ is one of general skin types and ‘Dehydrated skin’ is a kind of skin condition. If you have oily skin type and dehydrated skin condition as well, it is prone to cause skin troubles, scars and large pores with sensitiveness. And these all the problems make your skin texture rough and uneven. Check these proper solutions I prepared for the oily yet dehydrated skin in below.

1 Step) Cleansing

One of the reasons why your skin makes oily is improper cleansing habit. If you wash out all the protection layers of your skin, the sebum-water balance will be broken and it makes your skin oily and dehydrated. This Foam cleanser includes natural plant ingredients could remove dirt effectively from your skin all while keeping your skin moisturized by regulating the sebum-water balance in your skin.

2 Step) Exfoliation

The cause of excessive sebum on your skin, the skin is prone to have skin wastes in pores. It will make your skin tone dull and uneven. So, It is necessary to exfoliate once or twice a week for preventing skin troubles. This new type of moisturizing exfoliator will take care your dead skin cells and blackheads softly during your sleeping time, and you can feel the soft and brightened skin texture next morning. This exfoliator does not include the Salicylic acid.

3 Step) Toner or Mist

You’d better to use a toner or mist with ‘Oil Free’ and good moisturizing function as well. If you carry and spray a fresh mist whenever you felt dryness, it would be great to give immediate moisture and soothe on your skin. This mist is not oily at all but very moist so it will keep essential moist in deep inside of the skin. It smells fresh & sweet as well. If you want to use it as a toner, spray 2~3 times on a piece of cotton and apply on your face softly.

4 Step) Serum, Essence or Booster

This serum is highly recommended for your dull and uneven skin with dark spots. If you have a sensitive skin, it will give a help to make your skin tone brighten without any irritation. Don’t forget to apply this serum on your whole face every night for a faster effect.

5 Step) Mask Pack (Option)

Here is my favorite mask sheet for an emergency. When you got lots of troubles and bad skin condition with sensitiveness, this mask pack will give soothing and a calming effect to your skin. If you use this mask pack regularly, it will help to prevent new breakouts as well. In case you have allege reaction for the ‘Salicylic acid’, I’d like to recommend this hypoallergenic mask pack. After keeping this mask pack in the refrigerator, and apply on your face, it will give cooling and calming effect for your sensitive skin.

6 Step) Emulsion or Cream

Too much is as bad as too little. Too many products on oily skin can cause skin troubles. It is better to use just an emulsion or a cream with good moisturizing function for this step. This aloe emulsion maximizes the hydration to deep inside of your skin without oily feeling, so it is good for rough and dehydrated skin.

7 Step) Spot Treatment

The best solution is the ‘Prevention’. It is very important to take care the trouble spots properly when trouble comes up. The fastest solution is this pinky powderThis pinky powder contains Calamine which is good for skin soothing and pimple treatment. Calamine effects to the red spot during night and you will see the difference immediately next morning. In case you have allege reaction for the ‘Salicylic acid’, this trouble treatment will be suitable. Enrich Sophora extract in this item calms the blemishes and trouble rapidly and helps the skin damage.

Hope this article would be helpful for your skin care routine. :)
If you want to see more details of the each step above, check them in below.


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