Valentine’s Day PINKY MAKEUP Tutorial

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Serine’s pinky make up tutorial for all, make your valentine’s day look even more defining. Following are her guidelines on Valentine’s Day ideas for him. We hope this can help you impress your boyfriend beyond just words!

Serin’s makeup is so natural, isn’t it? Actually in Korea, the natural makeup is really popular. So don’t you want to display your naturally blossoming self on this Valentine’s Day? Take my advice and follow Sarines tips on make up to enhance your natural radiance even more. Also find my suggestions on what you could do to completely surprise your man and make your Valentine’s Day even more special.

valentines day ideas for him

With Valentine’s Day approaching the first thing that comes to our mind is; how do we impress our special one or the one we love the most. If you go to think of it you might find yourself with a hundreds of options that you may not like. I think Valentine’s Day is all about feelings, care and affection and the extra step that you would be willing to take just to see the smile on your man’s face.

So the question is; what do we do? Keep it simple and innovative / something he would not expect or even imagine in his wildest.

Start of by making him a handmade card and write a message that comes out straight from the heart. This very effort and could be a surprise your man and this may turn out to be something he may never have expected. Secondly write a message out of chocolate, this is simple you need to melt chocolate chips and pour it into a dispenser. You could make a heart shape and ever write a message out of it. Alternatively fortune jelly’s with an embedded message of affection. This would be very cute and at the same time something very unanticipated. Lastly gifts; whether we are boys or girls we all like gifts, so what would you gift your Mr. Special; some chocolates you have yourself prepared or if you don’t have the time or knowledge try customizing it to what your boyfriend likes. You could also consider the luxury sentiment by gifting something expensive and quality. For Chocolates NEUHAUS, HIRADELLI and GODIVA would surely help make the day even sweeter. Always remember to keep a mix of chocolate, affection and visible effort; we all expect our loved one to go the extra mile for us on some occasions. So let this Valentine’s Day be just the opportunity to display your true emotions.

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valentines day ideas for him


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