How To Prevent Sunspots on Skin

How To Prevent Sunspots on Skin

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Sunspots on skin are the worst thought we could wake up to the next morning or after a prolonged time under the sun at the beach. Today’s I’m going to tell you all you need to know about the frightful appearance of sunspots on skin and steps we as individuals can take in order to keep these spots at a distance of an arm’s length or even further away, as a matter of fact.

What are Sunspots on skin?

Sunspots on skin are spots which appear different to your normal skin tone. There is usually no fixed description of these spots. These can either be lighter or darker as compared to your normal skin tone however in most cases these spots appear darker to your normal skin tone. Now a lot of people get confused between sunspots and freckles.

Freckles might appear as sunspots but they usually appear on only those with fairer skin tones and are classified as a permanent skin condition.

Alternatively sunspots on skin appear only due to over or prolonged exposure of human skin to the sun. The areas where these spots generally surface are the parts of the human body which lie unprotected or uncovered. Usually the face, nose, hands, neck and forehead are the areas which are the most affected by over exposure to the sun.

What are the Causes of Sunspots on skin?

The cause of sunspots could include both a day out at the beach or a regular routine which requires certain amount of time being spent under the influence of the sun and its ultraviolet rays. People are even known to get sunspots with over use of artificial sun beds. The process of getting sunspots is the result of the body overproducing a chemical called melanin(natural occurring chemical in our skin that produces the skins color/pigment). It is this accumulation of melanin in certain pockets which leads to the formation of spots. Darker skin as we know naturally produces and holds more consistency of melanin, therefore people with lighter skin tones are more susceptible to get sunspots with over exposure to the sun.

Are sunspots harmful?

In most cases sunspots on skin are harmless but if you see the condition of your skin getting worst you should waste no time in visiting a dermatologist.

How to get rid of sunspots?

To be honest the best option to prevent the formation of sunspots is to wearing a sunscreen or sun guard whenever you are outdoors. The sunscreen should be applied to the surface of the skin which has direct exposure to the sun and would not be covered while you are outdoors. However if you are already suffering from sunspots on the skins surface following are some home remedies we suggest to get rid of them.

Try Lemon’s:

Lemons are known as a mild source of skin exfoliation as they are known to have natural acidic properties. The use of lemons on skin surface is known to lighten the color of the skin tone. Thus if you have an out brake of sunspots on a certain section of the skin, the application of Lemon juice or simply even tabbing a slice of lemon on the affected area could do wonders.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera gel remember ladies works wonders for skin improvement in every aspect of skincare and is a God sent product to naturally take care of skin. Simply purchase a piece of Aloe Vera and squeeze out the get to tab it on the sunspots affected area. The gel would naturally facilitate skin regeneration and in the process diminish the tone of the sunspot.

Some other Suggestion:

There are other home remedies such as mixture of milk and oats or a mix of lemon juice and apple cider which are also very effective in lightening skin tone. These could be very effective if used to curtail and cure the outbreak of sunspots on skin.

Our Recommendation:

Finally as we always do, today we would recommend you a Sun Lotion which is extremely effective and is safe to use on all types of skin. The product works magic in terms of the protection it offers from the sun and has garnered a massive support from its end user.

Klairs Midday Blue Sun Lotion SPF40/PA++:

The Klairs Midday Blue Sun Lotion is an excellent product which is safe to use on all types of skin, even sensitive skin. The use of this product helps the skin retain moisture and it provides protection to skin from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The best part of the product is, it is based on a non sticky formulation and its usage helps keep skin remain calm and moist even in the most extreme of conditions. The product is formulated with Guaiazulene which keeps skin free of irritation. Last but not the least, the product forms a shield which prevents the sun’s rays to penetrate the skin’s surface. The use of this product prevents the accumulation of Melanin and in the process, the formation of sunspots on skin.

How To Prevent Sunspots on Skin


Dear Friends hope the above information helps you to keep your skin protected and in check while on the outdoors.


How To Prevent Sunspots on Skin


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