Pastel Stripes Nail Art

How to do pastel stripes nail art

Pastel Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

Pastel Stripes Nail Art

We sometimes want to reveal my personality on our nails. And if you are the one who’s really into girly things and I guess you can express some of your inside out to the tips of your nails. Like what I did, playing with bright pastel colors really uplifts your mood and make your whole day bright and pretty. I decided to do some stripes on my nails and came up with this idea. What really helped me to achieve this final output, is a sheer polish called I’m Yours. I’m Yours nail polishes are just like watercolor, very sheer, light, whereas normal nail polishes are like acrylic paint. This nail polish brand is especially manufactured to professionals, and I’ll be incorporating this nail polish a lot in my future nail posts. Anyway cutting my long intro, let’s hop right into this super simple nail tutorial! :D

1. You might need a base color, I used white for it. And two of pastel colors.
2. Paint a coat of your base color.
3. Draw a horizontal line crossing the mid part and then fill it in. Just think you’re doing a bigger portion of french manicure.
4. On top of the baby pink, we’re adding a slimmer coral stripe across by ending it around the middle section of the pink. The two color needs to be blendable to each other. :)

How easy was that? Try it out by yourself and let me know in the comments below.

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