[NEW ARRIVAL] Organic skincare cosmetic brand, O’SUM

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The Jeju Organic Skincare Cosmetic brand, O’SUM 

I’m pleased to introduce the new launched organic skincare brand, O’sum. Have you ever heard about Jeju Island in Korea? Jeju is a beautiful island being listed as pure island area by UNESCO. Let’s see several pictures of the beautiful Jeju Islands!

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O’SUM is the first organic certified skin care line based in the Jeju Island, which is treasuring the beauty of the World Heritage Site. O’SUM provides the right natural and plant-based organic certified cosmetic products that honor your intelligence, your natural beauty, your well-being and the earth. O’SUM cosmetics are composed with the beauty of the Jeju organic island plus the belief about safety guaranteed by ECOCERT certification.

ECOCERT is the world leader in cosmetics certification that pioneered in organic and natural cosmetics standards writing, setting up standards in partnership with professionals, and has now become the reference in the industry. And ECOCERT has earned a worldwide recognition from customers: the Ecocert seal is a true guarantee and a strong commercial tool. 

O’SUM Philosophy

: Principle of prevention and safety at all levels of the chain from production of raw materials to distribution of finished products

● Promoting the use of products from organic agriculture and  respecting biodiversity
● Using natural resources responsibly, and respecting the  environment
● Using processing and manufacturing that are clean and  respectful of human health and the environment
● Integrating and developing the concept of “Green Chemistry”  instead of using petrochemicals

Now, Let’s glance the new organic skincare products of O’SUM. 

●Jejuorga Line

: Organic skin care line for dry skin & sensitive skin

Jejuorga_organic skincare_Toner

-Jejuorga Skin Toner

It contains “Good” ingredients for minimizing irritation have been used for just natural skin care. It’s 98.93% of natural ingredients will deliver deep moisture effect to your sensitive skin. Natural and organic Aloe Vera Leaf extract and broccoli extract will fulfill moisture while soothing irritated skin. For dry skin, it starts filling hydration from deep down the bottom so that your skin can turn into healthy and well moisturized. Ideal combination of natural components delivers great nourishment to your skin.


Jejuorga_organic skincare_Serum

-Jejuorga Hydrating Serum

Hydrate skin with rich moisturizing serum from O’SUM without any skin irritation. Safe and organic ingredients will deliver you concentrated hydration. Start renovating dry and sensitive skin into naturally healthy looking skin. It provides deep moisturizing until the most basic skin layer cells.




Jejuorga_organic skincare_Lotion

-Jejuorga Lotion

It has a creamy texture with white color. And it has no stickiness and no artificial scent. It takes longer time for absorption when compared to other chemical skin care products since it was made without any chemical emulsifying agent.




Jejuorga_organic skincare_Cream

-Jejuorga Essential Moisturizing Cream

With ideal combination of organic ingredients, O’SUM introduces you the best organic facial moisturizer. The potato extract contains 6 times more Vitamin C than an apple. It will deliver rich moist soothing effect while preventing aging. Anti fermentation and antioxidant effect from Vitamin C will protect your skin while preventing troubles. Asparagus is a rich source of Vitamin B, which helps activating skin layer cells. Asparagus extract contained in this organic facial moisturizer will prevent skin trouble. Not only that, also smooths out skin surface and upgrade elasticity of your skin.


-Jejuorga Whitening CreamJejuorga_organic skincare_Whitening Cream

The best skin whitening cream containing wonderful natural ingredients. It contains natural whitening ingredient alpha bisabolol component to even out your skin tone. You can experience natural skin tone up effect by using organic skin whitening cream from pure and clean island Jeju. And it deeply moisturizes your skin layer as well.




Jejuorga_organic skincare_atoless-Jejuorga Broccoli Atoless Cream

Made of 99% of natural ingredients including 20% of organic broccoli, Jejuorga Broccoli Atoless Cream soothes and nourishes your dry skin. It also contains ceramide, lecithin, Shea butter and phytosqualanewhich provides extra moisture nourishment. If you have dry and sensitive skin type or have trouble with itchiness and skin irritation, Jejuorga Broccoli Atoless Cream is the best option for you to choose. Jejuorga Broccoli Atoless Cream is devoted to all those who are suffering from skin troubles caused by extremely dry skin type.



Jejuorga_organic skincare_Body Lotion

-Jejuorga Body Lotion

I think a body lotion is necessary in the fall if you have rough and itchy skin. This product does not contain any compound ingredients that may irritate your skin. All the ingredients are organic, no need to worry about troubling your skin. Also herbal extracts contain factors that calms, nourishes, and protects your precious body. Organic glyercin, organic green tea extract and Peucedanum japonicum extract will help you moisturize and anti-age. Organic green tea extract contains vitamin C to vitalize your skin and Tannin element in the green tea will control your sebum. Peucedanum japonicum has the ability to retain your skin itchy and may improve eczema and atopic places of your body.


Aloe Vera Line

: Organic skincare product line that soothes and moisturizes the sensitive and oily skin. This line is suitable for all skin types.

Jejuorga_organic skincare_Toner-Aloe Vera Skin Toner

Aloe is known for its amazing effects. It contains 15.87% of organic aloe. A powerful combination of aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides and various healthy ingredients, it provides micro-moisturizing to the skin. Also, the also allows it to leave long lasting moist and softness for your skin.




Organic Skincare_Aloe Vera Lotion-Aloe Vera Light Lotion

It contains 10.96% of organic aloe Vera extract. Natural ingredient with highly concentrated hydration effect offers light and fast absorbing effect to your skin. You can feel deeply moisturized skin without any stickiness or unwanted oily feeling afterwards.





Organic Skincare_Aloe Vera washgel-Aloe Vera Mild Wash Gel (Body)

It is a soft and mild cleansp;vera>nsing body wash aloe&nb gel. It’s natural cleansing components effectively removes bodily waste and leave the perfect moisture effect on your skin. Cause It’s minimized irritation for safe use of sensitive skin, you can use it on your face as well. You can feel the full moisturizing effect even after the shower is over.




Organic Skincare_Aloe Vera cream-Aloe Vera Moisture Balancing Cream

It contains various of high moist ingredients such as 10,96% of aloe vera.  Since it is highly concentrated moisturizing cream, it is a perfect skin care product for those with dry to sensitive skin. Especially it is great for sunburn damages as well. It absorbs quickly and provides fresh feeling.


 Organic Skincare_Aloe Vera mist-Aloe Vera Soothing Mist

Organic aloe and gold extract give sensitive skin instant soothing and long lasting hydration. Aloe mist doesn’t block the pores so it keeps skin neat and moist. Inositol contained in aloe gives your skin self-controlling power of sebum secretion. It reduces sebum for oily skin and induces sebum secretion for dry skin. Particles of mist naturally clothe your skin immediately soothing your irritated and sensitive skin after exposure to UV-rays. You can use it anytime you feel dry.



Organic Skincare_Aloe Vera patch-Aloe Vera Multicare Soothing Patch

It contains 34.72% of high-enriched aloe Vera leaf extract. And It also contains  It will hydrate and soothe your dry and irritated skin quickly. O’sum’s Aloe Vera Multicare Soothing Patch will make a thin and a visible protection layer on your skin so that this aloe Vera Multicare product keeps the moisture staying on your skin and protect your skin from external irritation.




 ●Special Line for all skin types

Organic Skincare_Special_bubble Form-Asparagus Mild Bubble Foam

Asparagus Mild Bubble Foam is an organic face cleanser with removing 4 artificial ingredients. minimized irritation through No paraben. No artificial scent. No artificial colorant. No mineral oil. Natural and organic ingredients taking over 98% will minimize irritation on your skin and smoothly clean off wastes and sebum in your pores. Abundant, fine and soft bubble helps you cleanse your face without causing moisture loss during facial wash. Especially recommended for those having sensitive and dry skin. 



Organic Skincare_Special_sebum control toner-T-Zone Sebum Control Toner

Angelica has been said to be a very strong vitality. Chalcone and coumarin from its stem has a very strong antioxidant power and it helps the skin to be clean and safe from bacteria causing pimples. And Inocitol from rice extract keeps your skin balance between oil and moisture. It effectively controls sebum on your t zone but leaves your skin moist. Green tea extract’s antioxidant power also helps your skin relieve pimples.





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