When it comes to the idea and method of using an oil cleanser, many of us feel a strong sense to stay clear of any skincare that has anything to do with oil. However, that mindset if the wrong one to have when it comes to properly taking care of our skin. Especially when it comes to using an oil cleanser to cleanse the skin. But you might be someone with an oily skin type, so you are certain you can’t use an oil cleanser. Well, you are far from the truth!

Oil Cleanser on Oily Skin

The biggest myth in skin care is always that oil’s cause acne. In some cases this can be true especially with heavy oils such as coconut oil as this can be pore clogging for some, and pore clearing for others. However, when it comes to oil cleansers, these products are specifically formulated to contain only oils that work together with the oils in our skin., attracting the oils of our skin to the oil of the cleanser. Sounds confusing? Oils attract other oil, drawing them together with a simple law of attraction. This is how oil cleansers cleanse the skin. The oils of the cleanser attract the oils in our pores to the surface, in turn pulling out makeup, dirt and excess oil to the surface.

The oil cleanse also contain emulsifying ingredients, these ingredients react to water creating a milky texture that transforms the oil cleanser into a formation that is easily rinsed and wipes away with water and a washcloth. Resulting in completed clear and cleansed skin. Sound shocking right? However, that is the truth behind the function and concept of cleansing oil. In fact, because of the function of cleansing oil, it actually is a good idea for those with oily skin to use them as they will assist in removing excess oil from the skin as well as any pore-clogging makeup and dirt.

Still sceptical?

Not to worry, many skincare enthusiasts will not only oil cleanse, but they will also go in a second time to cleanse with a gentle foam cleanser just to make sure everything is removed from the skin. This is a very common technique for those with acne prone skin types. So if you have been sceptical about using oil cleanser on your oily skin, then you very much so have been missing out on what might be the best cleansing technique for your skin to use!

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