Each year, thousands of the fashion industry’s finest flock to New York for the bi-annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. For many individuals, receiving an invite to this exclusive event is the dream of a lifetime. This year I was able to live that dream front row at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with the South Korean fashion designers of Concept Korea! Here is the inside scoop on the brand’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection!


Concept Korea is a collaborative project created to promote Korean fashion designers and to assist them in their attempts to break into the U.S. fashion industry. Concept Korea was organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of The Republic of Korea and Korea Creative Contents Agency. Concept Korea first debuted their collection in the year of 2010. Starting from the Spring/Summer collection of 2104, Concept Korea has divided its six-member organization into two separate categories, ‘Pre Concept Korea’ and ‘Main Concept Korea.’ This year’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection marked Concept Korea’s 11th time showing at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week! The showcase featured ‘Main Concept Korea’ with designs by Ko Tae Young (BEYOND CLOSET), Lee Seung Hee (LEYII), and Lee Ju Young (RESURRECTION). All three of the designers crafted the Fall/Winter 2015 collection based on each individual’s own inspirations.

new york fashion week 2015


The concept for Beyond Closet’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection was based on a Korean term known as “Orange Boy.” This Korean term was used to describe the excessive consumptions of the wealthy youth generation that lived in Seoul’s Gangnham neighborhoods during the 1990’s. This youth generation was born from wealthy parents and was notorious for their frivolous spending on luxury goods, debauchery, and expensive vehicles. Ko Tae Young believes that many of the youths from the new generation are trying hard to live independently without the support from their parents’ and strives to create their own wonderful lives contrary to the old “Orange Boy.” Therefore, Beyond Closet’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection aims to reinvent the old “Orange Boy” into the “New Orange Boy.” Beyond Closet’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection featured a combination of preppy distinctive looks.


The concept for LEYII’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection is coined by the term “Pur-Ensemble.” With “Pur” meaning pure and “Ensemble” meaning to be in harmony, LEYII’s Fall/Winter 2015 fashion pieces express the balance of construction, detail, and fabrication. Le Seung Hee crafts the design concept of LEYII’s collection to emanate female femininity. Through the use of fine lines, minimalistic colors, experimental details and patterns, the brand LEYII aims to create a new mystical female style. The Fall/Winter 2015 collection showcases a line of neutral colors such as, grey, beige, khaki, ivory, and white. Darker colors such as black and purple add to the details of the fashion pieces and the contrast in colors succeed in creating a geometric visual aesthetic. Sleek, sophisticated, and chic LEYII’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection satisfies the creative and contemporary fashions.


The concept for RESURRECTION’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection is labeled, “New Post Punk.” The concept showcases the rebirth of Lee Ju Young’s unconventional tastes. The Fall/Winter 2015 collection is all about emphasizing a man’s silhouette through the use of bold lines. Cracks along the silhouettes of the fabrics are made to convey a sense of roughness. Lines of exquisite tailoring create heightened tension. The classy signature style that identifies the brand RESURRECTION has not been lost in the rebirth process. The identity is maintained through the mixture of quality materials with sensible colors. The fashion pieces of RESURRECTION’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection incorporate a combination of calf fur with high-tech fabrics as well as gold and black color blocking. RESURRECTION is known for it’s distinct edgy style that is becoming a leading trend in menswear fashion. The image of the brand has been cultivated by influences from non-mainstream cultures such as hippie, glam, punk, and gothic. Lee Ju Young mixes these cultural influences with mainstream classics and formal cultures to create RESURRECTION’s distinct uniqueness of style.

As it was my first time part taking in the bi-annual Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, this turned out to be a very unique and positive learning experience! Having been actively involved within the fashion industries of New York, I can testify that South Korea is a very fashion forward country that is leading and continues to lead the way in setting global trends. South Korea draws many of its fashion inspirations from the western world and in recent years have evolved into their own designs. After the emergence of the Hallyu Wave, not only has South Korea becoming famously known for its K-POP music and Korean dramas, but also for it’s trendy fashion and beauty products as well. Be sure to stay tune with Wishtrend, the hub of Korean beauty secrets and fashion style/trend casts! See you all in my next fashion exploration!

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