Natural Handmade Soap Recipes.


The Best Part of Natural Handmade Soaps

To keep it simple, the best part is that DUH~ it’s all natural ingredients!
There are no chemical ingredients in it so just by using natural ingredients, that itself can make our skin healthier. Like I said before with other natural organic cosmetics also, the best part about it is that it is not harsh on our skin. Because it is made from all natural ingredients it does not contain any surfactants, preservatives, artificial pigments and other unnecessary ingredients that may be harmful for our skin.

Simple Natural Handmade Soap Recipes

Ingredients Needed:
1.wooden stick
2.soap base(100g)
3.mug cup
4.glycerin (1drop)
5.hyaluronic acid (1drop)
6.canola oil(2.5ml)
7.Rose Floral Water(2.5ml)

1.Cut up the soap base so that it can melt easily and put it in the mug cup. About 100g.
2.Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute to melt.
3.After the heat cools off, put in the floral water and essential oil(1-2drops)
4.Put it in the ice cube tray
5.When it cools off for about an hour, you are finished!

For those of you who are really busy or lazy to make the natural handmade soaps BUT can’t wait to use one asap, then here are some amazing natural handmade soaps for each skin type:



When I checked out the natural soaps, I wanted to make sure they used 100% natural

ingredients, which they did! I love it that it really helped me to brighten my tone because during the summer, I definitely became tanned. You can see great results if you have dark and dull skin. If you also have problems with anti-aging and age-related blemishes, freckles, pimples, and acne, this is a perfect natural handmade soap for you! And it’s so pretty! Hehe Usually, handmade soaps are kind of BLAH looking but this one is so colorful and I love it every time I use it. Oh did I mention the bubble! A lot of rich bubbles form so it gives less pressure to my skin when I am cleansing my face!


This also does not have any artificial colors,synthetic fragrances, or harsh chemicals.
It has Shea butter and camellia oil so it is really great for moisture. This is for all skin types also BUT if you have acne, it is also excellent! If you want a deep cleansing but want some gentle, then this is the one!


This has a fruity fresh orange scent. This also doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. If you have sensitive skin also, this soap does not irritate your skin at all. After you use it, it will leave you with a moisutred feeling, it doesn’t feel dry and that is very important for me!


This also is 100% handmade natural soap that has a very fresh and fragrant scent. It also doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it which is so important! This is excellent for allergic, atopic prone skin. Two of my friends’ babies are having trouble with atopic skin and my friends were always so stressed and worried for them. After trying this, they have seen great results and their babies’ skins seems less irritated because they said they scratch less also.


I love this one because it’s pretty also! hehe This one also has an amazing strawberry scent which is SO great beause it’s not a strong scent either. This cleans and tightened your pores and prevents wrinkles also! It is excellent for those of you who are stressed with your pores enlargening and being more visible. AND this also has whitening in it, so it is also great if want a brighter tone.

So I hope that this helped and I really am going to nag until you try a natural handmade soap! I suggest that if you have the time, you will try making the soaps yourselves.
You can search the internet or YouTube has some great videos also for making the natural soaps also! BUT always make sure that you are careful and you check twice for all the right ingredients and its’ measures please! And you are lazy like me^.~ make sure that you get to try one of the soaps that I have recommended for you and your skin type! Hope this helped! Muah~

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!